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January  2004

Executive Committee Minutes


January 9, 2004


Attendees: Vinodgopal (President), Gallmeier (Vice President), Schultz (Secretary), Boland, Delunas, Coffin, Hass-Birky, Hozo, Lindmark, McDonald, Poulard, Rusinek, Tolhuizen, Nelson. Absent: Hoftiezer


1. Call to Order


President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. There were no minutes to discuss since none were taken at our last meeting when the Exec Committee conducted a review of the Chancellor=s performance.


2. Announcements


    Vinod announced that all human subjects research will now be approved through IUPUI. A letter from Dr. Michael McRobbie (IUPUI) to our Chancellor was passed around. This letter essentially said that IUPUI will now function as an overseer to all human subject research at IUN. This announcement will be an item for discussion next Friday.


    It was also announced that Dr. Linda Delunas will bring a draft copy of the Student Profile (Strategic Outcome #1) to the Faculty Organization for discussion. A copy was handed out to all members.


3.      Exigency Plan from IUPUI


    Vinod pointed out that the faculty in Allied Health have become concerned with a proposed move of their programs to the local community college. An exigency plan from IUPUI was distributed to the members.


    Dr. Jim Tolhuizen commented that the campus as a whole must declare financial exigency, not just one program.


    Dr. Don Coffin pointed out the policy, as written, seemingly only applies to IUPUI


    Vinod decided, with support from all, that our campus needs a policy of its own and assigned this task to the Academic Priorities Committee.



4. Vice Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez


    Marilyn shared that the enrollment for the spring semester has increased 1.8% over enrollments of a year ago. Total enrollment is now approximately 4900 students


    Marilyn also said that IU Southeast was also outraged at the restriction placed on their campus by Michael McRobbie, IUPUI. The East campus has not been sanctioned. The group was assured that our campus will respond to restrictions placed on human subject research.


5. Chancellor Bruce Bergland


    $         Campus Budget


    The Chancellor announced that President Herbert wishes to an equity study this year. It was also stated that no budgetary cuts will occur this year. The budget news is good, so far..


    $  Allied Health Concerns


    Vinod asked about the future of Allied Health on this campus, referencing past statements that AIUN wishes to get out of the associate degree business.@ The Chancellor responded that leadership from Bloomington will indeed be here to talk about Amission-differentiation.@


    Dr. Allan Lindmark asked if a study had been conducted on enrollment impact that results from moving Allied Health off campus. The Chancellor responded that no such study has yet been completed.


    Dr. Linda Delunas expressed concern about the notion of Amission-differentiation@ as a euphemism for Adownsizing.@


         Dr. Jim Tolhuizen worried about our campus adopting the Florida Atlantic model which differentiates its campuses by low division and high division courses. The Chancellor did not think that would occur at IUN.


    $          Faculty Development Funds


    The Chancellor asked how the Faculty Development funds were being used. Vinod stated that most units are using them for travel to conferences.


    $          Leadership Institute and Other Centers


    Dr. Allan Lindmark asked if the Leadership Institute and other centers on campus will ever be self-sufficient. The Chancellor was not sure why the Leadership Institute was never able to fund itself.


    Dr. Don Coffin then stated that the Leadership Institute was never intended to be internally funded. He asserted that Vice Chancellor Vasquez had started the Institute in the late nineties with the notion that it would be externally funded. For whatever reason, it still remains fully dependent on internal funding.


    A number of faculty, at that point, expressed concern about other centers on campus, specifically the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning. Most were concerned about internal funding being used to keep these centers Aafloat.@ Some wondered why they were not being asked to seek external funding.     


    Dr. Jim Tolhuizen then asked that a proposal come from the faculty asking that all center on campus be externally funded. Vinod responded that it would be better to first review each center. The Academic Priorities Committee will be asked to do the review.   


 Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m  


 Respectfully Submitted, Dr. Geoff Schultz, Secretary














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