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  October 2003


October 3, 2003


Attendees: Vinodgopal (President), Gallmeier (Vice President), Schultz (Secretary), Boland, Delunas, Coffin, Hass-Birky, Hozo, Lindmark, McDonald, Poulard, Rusinek, Tolhuizen. Absent: Arshanapalli, Hoftiezer


1. Call to Order


President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. Minutes of both the September 3rd  meetings were approved, after a correction was made in the spelling of Chuck Gallmeier�s name.


2. Announcements


     a) Liz Romeo Request - President Vinodgopal explained that Liz wanted clarification on whether she was to request a second person from Nursing and Allied Health for the campus promotion and tenure committee. In response, Jim Tolhuizen pointed out that the Faculty Org Exec Committee has only one person from the School of Nursing and Allied Health; therefore, only one person from Nursing and Allied Health should serve. Linda Delunas countered that Arts and Sciences has three representatives on the P&T committee, so why is it not appropriate for Nursing and Allied Health have two people. Geoff Schultz asked whether a formula exists to determine the number of representatives for this committee. Al Lindmark replied that a memo written in 1981 by Dr John Ban (retired in 1994) had a formula; Lindmark actually has this memo somewhere in a file cabinet, but he was not sure if it had ever been approved by the Faculty Organization. It was finally resolved that Nursing and Allied Health should not have more than one representative on the campus tenure and promotion committee.


     b) Chancellor�s Review - Iztok Hozo announced that an evaluation questionnaire may be distributed to the faculty as early as next week He also said that any group or individual may request an individual interview with the Review Committee. Geoff Schultz asked who, if anybody, would want to be interviewed. Dr. Jim Tolhuizen explained that a number of groups on campus will be interviewed as matter of practice. He clarified that the Deans� Council, the Faculty Org Exec Committee, and the Arts and Science Chairs (divided into three groups) would be interviewed. Both Schultz and Delunas raised issue with the exclusion of the professional school faculty from the interview process. After some discussion, it was decided that these academic units will also make available their leadership groups for  interviews.


3.  Steve McShane Request


         Steve asked that an ad hoc committee be created to nominees for the George Pinell award for service. President Vinodgopal explained that selection of recipients had always been handled by one person. He also added that he did not think it wise to create another ad hoc committee on campus. It was resolved that no ad hoc committee would be created. 


4. Request for Policy on the Selection of Emeritus Faculty


        President Vinodgopal explained that Interim Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, Dr. Marilyn Vasquez, had asked for guidelines for selecting Emeritus Faculty. He clarified that the present process requires the retiring individual to apply to their Dean for this honorary title. The Dean then recommends this person to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs. No one on the Exec Committee could remember anyone ever being denied this honor; it has pretty much been a �rubber stamp� process. It was resolved that the Executive Committee would not become involved in the developing of a selection process of Emeritus Faculty.


5.  Other Business


         Don Coffin expressed concern over the increasing number of lecturers and visiting faculty, while the number of tenured-track assistant professors appears to be declining. Dr. Iztok Hozo also underscored that he had analyzed this trend, using the on-line faculty salary database, revealing what appeared to a noticeable decline in the hiring of tenured track faculty. Vinod said that Dr. Allan Barr will be raising this concern at the October meeting of the Faculty Organization.


         President Vinodgopal also announced that the Search for a Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs will be using a head-hunter group. Spellman - Johnson will probably be the company used. Chuck Gallmeier expressed concern over this decision, claiming that Search Committee is seemingly admitting that the faculty is not capable of making this decision on their own. Geoff Schultz also voiced concern over whether the group would answer to the Search Committee or to the Chancellor�s Cabinet.  Dr. Don Coffin assured Gallmeier and Schultz that the headhunter would report only to the Search Committee and that Spellman-Johnson was selected because they agreed to work closely with the Search Committee.


6. Chancellor Bergland


         The Chancellor confirmed that Spellman-Johnson will be hired to assist the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Search Committee. Dr. Chuck Gallmeier again raised concern about this decision. The Chancellor assured the group that the headhunters would be only working with the Search Committee.


        Chancellor Bergland announced that there would be equity dollars available this year.


         The Chancellor also expressed some frustration with the construction of the new Professional Building. Apparently, the architect plans failed to include an air-conditioning system, called �a cooler.� The cost of the cooler is about 1.2 million dollars, a cost over-run  that will have to covered with additional dollars not originally allocated in price of the building. The Chancellor was confident that he would be able to negotiate for the additional funds. 

         Dr. Jim Tolhuizen raised issue with the third Strategic Plan Outcome, calling for the development of a Profession Code of Behavior for the campus. The Chancellor responded that he is concerned, as are others, with the number of times he hears about faculty who abuse staff, or staff who abuse staff. Dr. Geoff Schultz responded that the Academic Handbook contains a Code of Ethics that outlines clear consequences for the misbehaving personnel. He also pointed out that we have Civility Statement that was passed by the faculty in 1999. Dr. Jean Poulard also raised concerns about how such a code might affect the campus climate. Dr. Don Coffin mentioned that Dr. Dave Klamen was going to chair the third outcome committee and that his concerns were now alleviated. The Chancellor stated that it was not unreasonable to have discussions about professional conduct. Dr. Robin Hass-Birky countered that a discussion group is very different than the development of a behavior code. The discussion ended with no resolution on this matter.


Meeting adjourned at 3:01 p.m  


Respectfully Submitted by Dr. Geoff Schultz, Secretary



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