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Executive Committee Minutes

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  September 2003


Executive Committee Minutes


September 5, 2003


Attendees: Vinodgopal (President), Gallmeir (Vice President), Schultz (Secretary), Adler, Bala, Coffin, Hass-Birky, Hoftiezer, Hozo, Poulard, Rusinek, Tolhuizen (Absent: Boland, Lindmark)


1. Call to Order


President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. Minutes of  both the May 5th and May 15th  meetings were approved.


2. Announcements


     a. The Chancellor Review Committee has been announced. David Slocum, Dean of Sciences, IUPUI, will chair. Members of the Committee are:  Arlene Adler,Garry Aloia, Clarence Boone

          Iztok Hozo, Earl Jones, Bill Nelson, Jim Tolhuizen, Anda Tuncay, Roberta Wollons.


     b. The Executive Vice Chancellor title proposed last spring for Dr. Marilyn Vazquez has been eliminated by Chancellor Bergland.


     c.  Over the summer, the Search Committee for the Vice Chancellor of academic affairs was announced. Starting date for the new hire will be July 1, 2004.  By setting a late date, it is believed that a larger and deeper pool of candidates will apply.


     d. Grants Committee Chair, George Bodmer, wishes that all applications for summer research stipends be well-written, including a vita, with two letters of recommendations including the chair or dean of the unit.


3. Committee Assignments


          Apparently, President Vinogodpal had lost the Student Affairs Committee somewhere in cyber-space. It has now been found and restored to the Faculty Organization website, identifying Tanice Foltz as the chair.


4. Unspent Money


     a. President Vinodgopal reiterated that Vice Chancellor has requested that the Executive Committee determine a process for using the $146,000 not allocated for High Performance salary increases in the last budget year.


     b. Don Coffin proposed via a motion that the money be distributed to the Schools/College on a per head basis to include all tenure-track faculty, lectures, and visiting assistant professors. Each academic unit will submit a report accounting for how the money was spent. Schultz seconded the motion. Motion was approved unanimously


5. Promotion and Tenure Guidelines (i.e., The Golden Rod) Revision Process


     a. President Vinodgopal expressed frustration that only three paragraphs of the proposed revisions to the Golden Rod has been reviewed during the April Faculty Organization monthly meeting, resulting in the proposal being tabled. The debate over the proposed document had been rather intense, he said. He voiced concerns about ever being able to pass this revised document using the format of the Faculty Organization.


     b. Geoff Schultz stated that a significant group of faculty, including a number of Deans, had serious concerns about language in the proposed  revisions that state that the Dean�s recommendations for promotions and tenure are �only advisory.� Jim Tolhuizen responded that any level of recommendation is advisory, except for the University Trustees.


     c. Arlene Adler said that criteria for determining �excellence� in teaching and service are lacking. Carol Rusinek also supported this statement. Both agreed that these two areas need to be more specific. Geoff Schultz, former chair of Faculty Affairs,  added that such changes had been made but were never discussed at the April meeting because discussion bogged down on the first page of the document.


     d. President Vinodgopal proposed that the document go the Schools/College for approval prior to coming to the Faculty Organization for final approval. He believed that this might alleviate some of the problems of the April meeting. He also confirmed that Roberta Wollens was the chair, but she has not emailed him back accepting the position. He will follow up.


     e. The discussion closed with no solution as Vice Chancellor Vasquez had arrived to the meeting.


6. Vice Chancellor Marilyn Vasquez


     a. Marilyn announced that campus enrollment for Fall �03 was approximately 5400 students with probably 150 student expected to leave before the final census. We have also seen a 12 % increase in �new� student over last year�s numbers. Some discussion followed as to what might be the reason for upward movement in the enrollment, with many citing the weak economy. Interestingly, Coffin stated that research indicates that enrollment does not increase relative to the economy, but instead credit hours increase -  with credit hours increasing with a weak economy and decreasing with a strong economy.


     b. When informed of the proposed allocation of the $146,000, Marilyn suggested an independent account be established. This arrangement would not necessitate the money be spent during the budget year, allowing for long-term use of the money.


     c. The Vice Chancellor also suggested some of the money be donated to the Center for Teaching and Learning. Discussion ensued with a number of faculty suggesting that 10% of the money be donated to the Center. Chuck Gallmeir suggested 20%. Coffin made a motion that 10% of the $146,000 be given to Center for Teaching and Learning (Robin Hass-Birky seconded). The vote was unanimous.


     d. Virgil Hoftiezer asked about the progress of the new Professional Building. The Vice Chancellor said that progress was now on schedule.


Meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m  

















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