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  March 14, 2003


Attendance:  Vinodgopal  (President), Sandoval (Vice-President), Bodmer (Secretary), Delunas, Hass Birky, Hoftiezer, MacDonald, O'Dell, Poulard, Schultz, Tolhuizen, Bergland


I.  Call to Order 

            President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 1:05 p. m.

II.  Approval of Minutes  --With one correction, Poulard moved, Delunas seconded, the

 minutes of 7 March 2003 were approved.

III. Announcements

A.     Professor Wollons has been nominated for the committee to review the chancellor.

B.     UFC issues--The Faculty Organization will have to review the draft procedures of the new chancellor review document.

C.     Elections--The nominations for VP, Secretary, 1 member at large, 2 at large all-campus P & T committee will be nominated by 1 April.

D.       Committee assignments must also be made.

E.       We will have a second reading of the change in committee structure, a change in the constitution by-laws at the 28 March meeting.

F.      The changes in the Goldenrod, criteria for promotion and tenure, will also be available for consideration at the April Faculty Organization meeting.

IV.              The Proposed Provost Position

A.     The chancellor proposes:


Vice Chancellor                                                 Vice Chancellor for

For Academic Affairs                                                Admin. & Fiscal Affairs

  $ 115,000  salary                                                   $ 150,255 salary

       42,550  benefits                                                        40,580 benefits


Assoc. VC                                                            Business Officer

For Academic Affairs--12 mo.                                      $  50,000

   $ 85,000                                                                   18,500

      31,820                                                                 68,500



Associate VC  for

Academic Affairs--10 mo.

   $ 10,800


B.     Or:

                Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, $ 171,250

            Associate Vice Chancellor  $ 116,450

            Associate vice Chancellor         10,800

            Business Officer                     68,500

C.     Bergland: This should not be argued on dollars alone.

D.     Bodmer:  What would be your external duties?  Bergland: Meeting with the public, going to Indianapolis for meetings;  all these people would be reporting to the chancellor

E.      Delunas;  Why do no public institutions have provosts?   Would this be an academic position?  Bergland: Biggers ones do.  The provost should be a full professor.

F.      Sandoval: There is concern with combining positions; an academic should be at the highest position.

G.     Vinod; The March Faculty Organization will debate this issue, and the Executive Committee is against it.

H.     Tolhuizen;  We are not against restructuring, but against the proposed structure.

V.                 Other business with the Chancellor

A.     Poulard:  We need maps mounted on the classroom walls.  Bergland:  Check

with the Facilities Committee (Lovely).

B.     Hass Birky:  Although the role of the Diversity Committee is to expand the

candidate pool, the conceptualization is vague;  the committee needs written guidelines, a shared understanding of its role.

1.      Bergland:  He thought the deans were informed.; it is critical to get something out in writing.

2.      Bergland: A new position, in Equity and Diversity, is being hired for 1 July for this role.

3.      Schultz: Is requiring a Bachelor's Degree for this position sufficient?

C.     Sandoval:  There is the pressing matter of getting the AQIP duties done, with all

 the other activities going on.

D.     Tolhuizen; Back to the Provost issue, it is not in the interests of the institution to

 combine the positions.

E.      Delunas:  A pure academic should be at the highest level.

F.      Sandoval:  It should not be argued through money.

G.     To express our opinion:  the Executive Committee opposes the proposed Provost position because

1.      It combines the academic and financial functions into one position.

2.      It reduces the academic to a lower position in the hierarchy.


VI.  Adjournment

            The meeting was adjourned  2:59 p. m.



George Bodmer

Secretary, Faculty Organization



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