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Executive Committee Minutes

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January  2003


Executive Committee Minutes

January 10, 2003


Attendance: Vinodgopal (President), Sandoval (Vice-President), Bodmer (Secretary), Arshanapalli, Coffin, Delunas, Hass, Hoftiezer, Lindmark, MacDonald, O'Dell, Poulard, Rusinek, Schultz, Tolhuizen, Bergland, Vasquez


1. Call to Order

President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.


2. Minutes

The president asked for a motion to approve the December 6, 2002 Executive Committee minutes. The motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.


3. Announcements

              a. The president announced that George Bodmer had won the election to Faculty Organization secretary, and Tolhuizen, Hoyert, Hug, Dorin, Cohen were elected to the Faculty Board of Review.

            b. The composition of the Strategic Planning Commission was discussed.

             c. Conflicts with the Executive Committee's meeting at 10 a.m. the second Friday of the month were discussed.


4. Prof. Coffin's Resolution on the Shared Vision

            a. Discussion stated that the Shared Vision has never been brought before the faculty for a vote, so that its successor, the Strategic Planning Committee, dominated by other groups, is not particularly


             b. In answer to the complex nature of the resolution, Coffin suggests it be simplified and cut down to points 1 and 3, which will read:

                                    That the Faculty of Indiana University do endorse and

                                     support the Shared vision Statement and the process

                                     by which it has been developed.


That the Faculty of Indiana University do endorse and support the Areas of Excellence and the process by which

 they have been developed.

 c. The Executive committee does not have a position on this resolution and will offer it for the purpose of discussion at the January 17, 2002, meeting of the Faculty organization.


5. Vice Chancellor Vasquez

            A. Enrollment for the Spring 2003 semester is up 17.4% by head count, 13.6% in credit hours.

            B. Prof. Lindmark asked if the switch to PeopleSoft will necessitate a switch to Bloomington curriculum, and if INSITE will be supported.

             C. AQIP is continuing; a survey on technology will be forthcoming to all, including selected classes. This can be completed outside of class.

            D. A Systems Portfolio will be completed for AQIP, using existing committees as much as possible.

E. Program Prioritization should be completed by 15 April by the Academic Prioritization Committee.

            F. Title III grants are available, possibly used for a forum on faculty issues, possibly handled by CETL.

             G. There is no news on the budget.

            H. Prof. Poulard asks about new government policies on foreign students.

            I. Prof. Coffin asks about the support of ONCourse.

 6. Chancellor Bergland

            A. Two Indiana University budget priorities are to

                        1. Restore the 3 % budget reduction to the base

                        2. Fund the new school of "Informatics

            B. The Diversity committee has met. The Chancellor states that the university needs a more diverse faculty. A non-voting diversity committee member will sit on each search committee, as a resource.   This member can help to identify sources to solicit minority candidates, help to identify minority research, and work through the entire process.

             C. The Chancellor was informed that the Coffin resolution will be brought before the January 17, 2003, meeting of Faculty Organization.

            D. Strategic Planning Committee

                        1. It was stated that faculty should have been placed on the committee in a more representative fashion.

                         2. When asked why the Division of Education did not have a member on the committee, the Chancellor stated, "Representation is an old pattern of behavior.

7. Adjournment

   The meeting was adjourned 12:00 noon.


   George Bodmer

   Faculty Organization secretary

Executive Committe Minutes


January 24, 2003


Attendance:  Vinodgopal (President), Sandoval (Vice-President), Bodmer (Secretary), Coffin, Delunas, Hass, Lindmark, MacDonald, O'Dell, Poulard, Rusinek, Schultz, Tolhuizen, Bergland, Vasquez


1.  Call to Order

President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.


2.  Meeting with Chancellor Bergland


            A.  Bergland:  Committed to academic concerns, recognizing the tension in the school, wishing to move IUN forward, this meeting should be a first step in building cooperation, laying groundwork and building a trusting relationship with all parties.

            B.  Sandoval:  We are treated as though we are recalcitrant to change; although this should be democratic, we are still under top-down management; AQIP is being superseded by Strategic Planning.

            C.  Poulard:  The chancellor should listen to the ideas of the faculty, the "Bigger Brains."

            D.  Coffin:  The membership of the Strategic Planning group, which needs to be fair and inclusive, is difficult to understand.

            E.  Hass:  Decisiveness prevents healthy change.

            F.  Tolhuizen:  We need to bring together people of different points of view and different interests, representative to the point that people feel their interests are being heard; the alternative is a continued adversarial relationship.

            G.  Bodmer:  We need to be aware of the history of decisions and make use of the expertise we have.

            H.  Schultz:  it is not that the academics are afraid of change, but the non-academics in the senior staff are stifling free discussion;  the leadership teams needs to be evaluated.

            I.  Rusinek:  Noting the support of the library; change for change' sake is not good, but all voices need to be heard and respected.

            J.  O'Dell:  A choice was presented to the faculty, whether to have a faculty senate or continue with the present faculty organization, which emphasized the commitment to faculty governance, faculty voice, and faculty vote.  Decisions now seem to be ignored, and matters of importance to faculty slighted.  Research and productivity are not being weighted, and the so-far non-existent centers unsupported.

            K.  Vinod:  After Chancellor Richards, there was enthusiasm for the Vision, but the results seem empty, accomplishments are trival; plaques and reading from the Vision is a bad idea.  At a retreat Dan Lowry made three suggestions, all of which have come true:  1.  Faculty engagement and research will be tied to the community, 2.  Sustainable Vitality, and 3.  Rosetti will become chair of Quality Committee.                  

            The Strategic planning committee seems a deliberate and calculated attempt to present only one view, which would preclude legitimacy with the faculty.

            L.  MacDonald:  What is the purpose of Strategic Planning; is this another step of the Vision?

            M.  Bergland:  The institution needs a body to set planning, so that, over time, it will be the institution described in the Vision statement.

            N.  Sandoval:  The Vision has slowed down accreditation; Strategic Planning should not be separate from AQIP.

            O.  Schultz:  Senior staff should be put on notice, accountable and evaluated.  Lou Ann Daly has never been presented to the faculty.

            P.  Coffin:  AQIP was started because there was a feeling we were in trouble;  Strategic Planning needs to be transparent.

            Q.  Tolhuizen:  AQIP is a means to buy time.

            R.  Poulard:  The problems need to be defined before Strategic Planning; for example, what problem is the new emphasis on community engagement trying to solve?

            S.  Delunas:  There seems to be a lack of accountability; senior staff puts up roadblocks to searches, physical plant is lax.

            T.  Coffin:   Faculty governance should not be ignored.

            U.  Tolhuizen:  Agrees with Coffin: the Vision has run around standard governance, with little of the planning coming to and from us.

            V.  Bergland:  It needs to be determined how AQIP and Strategic Planning fit together.

                        1.  He doesn't believe that we have a representative organization, run by who shows up.

                        2.  No one is held accountable for the votes taken.

                        3.  In the past, people who were thought to be representative have withdrawn and said he must make the decisions.

                        4.  The Chancellor asks for accountability in faculty governance.

            W.  Hass:  The Executive committee should be that body.

            X.  Vinod:  Perhaps the Strategic Planning committee should be a standing Faculty Organization committee.

            Y.  Lindmark and Schultz:  This committee could just be ignored.

            Z.  Bergland:  Would prefer a smaller committee.

            A.  Current Strategic Planning Committee:      

                        Becker                         Bergland                      Delunas

                        Fontaine                      Gallmeier                     Ige

                        Kern                            Lorber                          Lowery

                        Milich                           Patterson                    Rominger

                        Smith, E.                     Steward                      Tallos

                        Taylor-Guthrie            Vasquez                       Skurka


                        Lou Ann Daley--facilitator


            B.  Delunas:  Why aren't the members elected?

            C.  Bergland:  I can work with whoever is selected for the committee.

            D.  Tolhuizen:  This discussion must continue.


3. Adjournment

 The meeting was adjourned 12:03 p.m.




George Bodmer

Faculty Organization secretary



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