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Executive Committee Minutes

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September  2002


Executive Committee Minutes


September 6, 2002


Attendance:  Vinodogopal (President), Sandoval (Vice-President), Gochee (Secretary), Tolhuizen (Ex-Officio), Arshanapalli, Delunas, Hass, Ledbetter, Lindmark, Nelson, O'Dell, Poulard, Rusinek, Schultz, and Chancellor Bergland.


1.         Call to Order

President Vinodgopal called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m and announced that the agenda of the meeting will be changed to accommodate the Chancellor's schedule.


2.            Chancellor' Business

The Chancellor thanked the committee for allowing him to speak now as the Mayor has asked him to serve on the Civil Rights Hall of Fame Committee that will be meeting later today.  The Chancellor stated he would miss the September Faculty Organization meeting and that he had three announcements for today.

  1. Chancellor announced that the search for a permanent Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) will occur one year from now as he feels is paramount to complete the Academic Priorities process and start its implementation prior hiring a VCAA.


  1. Chancellor announced that the increase in enrollment is amazingly positive while PUC's enrollment is virtually unchanged.  Data will be collected from the new students to help determine the reason for the increase.


  1. Chancellor announced that VP Clapacs stated that the construction documents are on their way to the contractors and we should begin to see on-site work in the next few weeks.


Questions/Comments asked of and responses from Chancellor Bergland:

  1. Tolhuizen - Concern among faculty of a perceived conflict of interest when the Chief Financial and Academic Officer are the same person?  Bergland - VP of Finance for the University as a Whole, Judy Palmer, will be looking into this situation and he will report back her findings.  At this time, he does not see a conflict.
  2. Schultz - Why did you not fill the VCAA position with someone from within the University as a two-year interim as many qualified faculty who could fill the VCAA role?  Bergland - I felt we needed someone with previous experience at the Dean's level or higher.  In my judgment, we do not need someone with a learning curve.
  3. Vinod - Since 1996, we have been working with Interim VCAA except for VC Helm's short tenure.  Faculty will be surprised that the search is going to be delayed.   Bergland - In my judgment, it is more important to complete the prioritization and its implementation prior to hiring a permanent VCAA.  It is my duty to make this call.  I believe we are building strong leadership at the Dean's level to represent the Academic position.  If VP Palmer feels we need to change, we will reassess at that time.
  4. Tolhuizen - Who is the Senior Staff and what is their role?  Bergland - VCs, Director of Human Resources, and Administrative Assistant Kathy Malone.  Their role is to make policy recommendations to me.  Also, the Shared Vision Planning Committee will be replaced by the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC).  The SPC will consists of four faculty (three already chosen by me - Lowery, Delunas and Taylor-Guthrie and a fourth selected from names the Executive Committee will submit); two Deans (Ige and Rominger); two bi-weekly staff and the Senior Staff.


3.            Announcements

University Faculty Council Agenda Committee Meeting: President Brand hosted an Advance (formerly known as a Retreat) and the focus was the Life Sciences.


VC Vasquez asked Vinodgopal to announce that the review of Dean Wigle is on Reserve in the library.


4.            Nominations for Review Committees for Dean Lovely and Dean Pelliciotti

Committees will consist of five members, four from the division and one from outside.  The Executive Committee will select two of the four names from the division and also submit four other names from the division for the VCAA to choose two.  The Executive Committee will submit two names from outside the division and the VCAA will select one.

  1. Pelliciotti  - Executive Committee submits the names of Assibey-Mensah, Hug and Poulard as they are all the tenure faculty in SPEA.  From outside the division, the Executive Committee unanimously submits the names of Tanice Foltz and Mary Russell.
  2. Lovely - Executive Committee submits the names of Hozo and Needleman and suggests the following four - Gallmeier, Lane, Cohen and Hobson for the VCAA to choose two.  From outside the division, the Executive Committee submits the names of Charlotte Reed and Cynthia O'Dell.


5.            Strategic Planning Committee

The Executive Committee has been asked to submit four names to the Chancellor who will choose one to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee.  After a long discussion, the Executive Committee will send the names of Schultz, Bodmer, Gallmeier and Russell to the Chancellor.


6.            Divisional Representation on the Executive Committee

Clarification is needed regarding the members of the Executive Committee since the Divisions of Allied Health and Nursing have been combined.  Tolhuizen moved that the Representatives from the former Division of Nursing and the former Division of Allied Health remain as members of the Executive Committee until the end of their elected terms, Spring 2003.  At that time, the new Division of Allied Health and Nursing will elect one member to the Executive Committee.  Arshanapalli seconded.  Nelson amended the motion to read "Once an Executive Committee member is elected from a duly constituted Division, they will serve out their term".  Alan seconded and the motion unanimously carried.


7.             Committee Charges

It was suggested that IUN develop its own Faculty Handbook specific to local issues and not in conflict with the University Faculty Handbook.  The Faculty Affairs Committee has been charges with developing a draft by March 2003.  Several campuses (IUB, IUE, IUSB and IUPUI) have their own handbooks that could serve as a template for IUN.


8.             Agenda Items for September Faculty Organization Meeting


9.            Adjournment


Poulard moved and Lindmark seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 2:47 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Angel V. Gochee




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