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March 1,  2002

Attendance: Tolhuizen, Gyurko (for Delunas), Hass, Ledbetter, O'Dell, Vinodgopal, Lindmark, Sandoval, Schultz, Poulard, Coffin, Hoftiezer, McShane.

I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:33 p.m..

II.  Minutes of the February 1, 2002 Meeting

 The president asked for a  motion to approve the February 1, 2002 Executive Committee minutes.  A motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III. Announcements

 President Tolhuizen confirmed that the names of the members of the new Academic Priorities Committee are due on March 18.  Searches for critical positions for next fall will move forward.

IV. Election Planning

 Jim wants the elections for Faculty Organization offices completed and results sent to him by April 19.  Positions to be filled include:

  President-two-year term
  Vice President-one-year term
  Secretary-one-year term
  At-Large-2 positions for two-year terms each
  UFC Representative-one-year (this post includes an ex-officio membership on the Executive Committee)
 Persons nominated will be contacted to confirm their willingness to run.

V.  AQIP Committee Chair

 President Tolhuizen needs to give  EVC Helm a name of a faculty member to chair the AQIP Committee.  The Ex Comm agreed to ask Mary Ann Fischer to serve as chair, and also Mike Certa to serve as faculty member on the committee.

VI.  Faculty Review and Enhancement Revision

 Jim read a memo from the IUPUI Dean of Faculties, stating that faculty should include technology literacy as part of their faculty competence.  It was moved and seconded to send the memo to the Faculty Affairs Committee.

VII.  New York Times Proposal

 EVC Helm had contacted President Tolhuizen, inquiring if we want to devote some time at the next Faculty Organization meeting to hearing representatives from the New York Times.  After some discussion, the Ex Comm decided to pass on the offer.

VIII.  Campus Administration/Shared Vision

 The Executive Committee several issues related to changes in campus administration, the Shared Vision process, and related matters.  A majority of Ex Comm members approved sending a small group of its members to meet with the chancellor on these subjects.

IX.  Old business

 There was no old business.

X.  New business

 There was no new business.

XI.  Adjournment

 There being no further business, the Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 3:14 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen McShane


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