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December  2001

Attendance: Tolhuizen, Delunas, Hoftiezer, Hass, Ledbetter, d'Ouville, O'Dell, Stevens, Vinodgopal, Lindmark, Sandoval, Schultz, Poulard, McShane.   Guest: Professor Mark Sheldon.

I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m..

II.  Minutes of the November 2,  2001 Meeting

 The president asked for a  motion to approve the November 2, 2001 Executive Committee minutes.  A motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

 III. Interim Policy on Procedures for Promotion to Senior Lecturer

 President Tolhuizen recognized Professor Mark Sheldon, chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee.  Dr. Sheldon distributed copies of the draft New Classification Policy for Non-Research Academic Appointments.  The draft was based on a model used at IU Kokomo.  He noted the Professor George Bodmer was extremely helpful in creating this document.

 The university wants a uniform policy for all campuses.  Several members of the Executive Committee commented that candidates for promotion under this policy must demonstrate meeting the appropriate criteria before the promotion process proceeds.  We do not want to see a wave of initial appointments at the senior level, resulting in candidates avoiding any evaluation based on the promotion criteria.  The Ex Comm agreed that we must be vigilant on these appointments, and, if a significant number of initial senior lecturer appointments arises, then we may need to revise this document.

 Two changes were made to the text:

 . Introduction section, second paragraph, first line, third word-changed from two to three.

 . Section I, first line, thirteenth word-the word "the" was struck.

 The document will now proceed for consideration by the full Faculty Organization.

IV.  Proposal to Permit Laid-Off Workers to Take Classes at No Charge

 After brief discussion, the Executive Committee felt that this proposal may now move for consideration by the full Faculty Organization.

V.  President Brand's Budget Message

 President Tolhuizen reported on the latest budget situation.  Things do not look good.  The State of Indiana is facing significant financial challenges, and IU will be going through some difficult times.  There will be ramifications for this campus.  One example is the loss of funds for IT life-cycle funding.

 Vice President Vinodgopal articulated a couple of points he had heard President Brand make on this subject.  First, there will be a system-wide freeze on filling administrative positions for the next eight months.  Dr. Vinodgopal does not want to see any new searches for administrators.  Next, President Brand had stated that any budget cuts will not affect academic programs at IU.  Dr. Vinodgopal recommended that these two points be communicated to the Budget Committee.

 In addition, VP Vinodgopal heard President Brand state that IU faculty will still get raises next year, unless we receive even more bad economic news.  Professor Lindmark suggested that we make certain that the Salary Committee is in place by February 1.

 President Tolhuizen noted that if we are going to fill faculty posts for next year, the process has to begin immediately.  President Brand has said these positions are not on hold.  We need a decision on this subject by our local administration.

 On a related topic, a question arose about the search for a Director of Diversity and Equity and Assistant to the Chancellor position.  Is this post considered an administrative appointment?  Jim asked Professor Ledbetter for a copy of the job description for this post and will forward it to Ex Comm members.

  Regarding our proposed new building, the bonding authority for that structure will move ahead, per the IU system.

 President Tolhuizen will send a note to Vice Chancellors Helm and Vasquez about the Diversity and Equity position and also on administrative appointments in general, in light of President Brand's remarks.  He will also communicate our concern over academic positions and salaries.

VI.  Old Business

 President Tolhuizen asked for any old business. Professor Lindmark advised the Ex Comm that we need to find a faculty representative to the new Shared Vision Coordinating Committee's Communication Sub-Committee.  Jim will ask Margaret Skurka about this post.

VII.  New Business

 President Tolhuizen asked for new business.  Professor Poulard reported that the election for the Faculty Board of Review enjoyed a tremendous turnout.  He will send the tallies to Jim next week and will contact the winners.

 Vice President Vinodgopal reminded the group that the AQIP survey results will be available in mid-January.  No one is supposed to see that data until the day of release.  The NCA committee would like a meeting with the faculty that day.

 President Tolhuizen announced that the full Faculty Organization will meet next Friday, December 14.

VIII.  Adjournment

 There being no further business, the Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen McShane


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