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October 5,  2001

Attendance: Tolhuizen, Vinodgopal, Lindmark, Sandoval, Schultz, McDonald, Poulard, McShane.

I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:07 p.m..

II.  Minutes of the September 14, 2001 Meeting

 The president asked for a  motion to approve the September 14, 2001 Executive Committee minutes.  A motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III.  Updates

 1.  IT resolutions on desktop computers and printers-Jim has asked Bert Scott, Chair of the Computer Committee, to have these policies ready for the October Faculty Organization meeting.

 2.  Post-tenure review and dismissal policies-the Executive Committee agreed that the Faculty Affairs Committee needs to address these two policies promptly.

IV.  UFC Report

 President Tolhuizen and Vice President Vinodgopal reported on the following issues from the University Faculty Council:

 . Promotion to Senior Lecturer rank- Vinod asked that we develop interim procedures for this type of promotion.  It was agreed that the IUN Faculty Affairs Committee should address this issue quickly and send it on to the executive vice chancellor.  We need criteria for such promotions.

 . In-state tuition rates for out-of-state students-the IU Trustees have approved such fees in a couple of cases around the IU system.  For example, IU Southeast uses an agreement worked out between the higher education commissions of Indiana and Kentucky.  It works well at IUS, but that campus faces little competition, too.  IU East has an agreement with two counties in neighboring Ohio.

  Professor Vinodgopal was cautioned at UFC that similar practices at IUN would be of little assistance to IUN's bottom line.

 . Allied Health-Jim and Vinod will have to vote on this issue at the next UFC meeting.  An agreement between IU and Purdue states that two-year programs not tied to four-year degree programs possibly be directed to the Community College of Indiana.  IUPUI's Allied Health department has declared itself as a non-system school.  How will this action affect IUN's Allied Health program, and also the faculty of that program?

  It was noted that the larger issue here is termination of programs, and it is a state-wide issue.

  Jim will talk to Linda Rooda about this issue.

 . 18-20 Plan-This issue is a tense one.  The past few attempts to "fix" the 18-20 plan have failed to correct the problem.  Solutions proposed at IUB and IUPUI include differentials in the salary pool between those employees on 18-20 and those not on the plan.  In the near future, faculty not on 18-20 will become the majority, at least at IUB and IUPUI.

  The administration is asking UFC for solutions.  This issue will be difficult and may result in divisiveness in the faculty.

V.  AQIP Report

 IUN is among six pilot institutions participating in AQIP.  It involves a Constellation Index, that is, a survey.  The instrument will be posted on the Web from November 5 through November 9.  Any IU employee may fill in the questionnaire.  Results will be presented to the entire campus in January.  The administration will not see the results prior to its release.

 The instrument comprises eighty questions.  Questions 1-66 are standard on all of the surveys, but the next fourteen questions can be customized by the campus, so we have some control over the content of those questions.  We have the option of picking some of those questions from an item bank or composing our own.  The Shared Vision, and the degree to which the campus understands/comprehends its goals, including academic excellence, should be a possible focus for those fourteen questions.

 Other ideas for the questions included the following:

 . a few questions dealing with faculty
 . IUN's academic reputation
 . identification of a clear set of academic priorities
 . the nine general education curriculum goals outlined by the faculty
 . adequate staffing in departments
 . support for diversity on campus
 . evidence to support the direction of the campus
 . the commitment to a quality education for our students
 . administration support for quality academic programs

 Decisions on the questions will be made next week.  Steve and Vinod will put the questions on email to the rest of the Executive Committee for feedback.

VI.  Faculty Organization Committee Restructuring Process

 A subcommittee comprising Jim, Pam, Robin, and Vinod have been working on this issue.  Pam distributed a handout detailing proposed committee names and classifications.  Ex Comm members made several suggestions.  The subcommittee will draft charges for these committees and report back to the Ex Comm at the November meeting.

VII.  Old Business

 There was no old business.

VIII.  New Business

 There was no new business.

IX.  Adjournment

 There being no further business, the Executive Committee meeting adjourned at 2:57 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen McShane

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