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April  2001

Attendance: Poulard, McDonald, Ige, Tolhuizen, Vinodgopal,  Sandoval, Seibert, Dexter-Brown, Akyea, Hoftiezer, McShane

I.  Call to Order

President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m..

II.  Minutes of March 2, 2001

A motion to approve the minutes of March 2, 2001 was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III.  First Tier Salary Committee Report

A memo from Fred Chary, Chair, First Tier Salary Committee was distributed for comment.  Vice President Vinodgopal noted that Point 2 of the memo should say that we should have a separate pool for equityBit did not specify the source.  Vinod will double-check with Fred.  President Tolhuizen added that Point 4 should state that the Deans will perform the calculations and comparisons.

The memo has been sent to Vice Chancellor Vasquez.

IV.  ICHE Conference

Jim reported that Dan Regan, Ball State Political Scientist, is the faculty representative on the ICHE.  He sent us a letter, inviting three people to attend a meeting with the ICHE and faculty leaders from around the state.  It will be held on April 25 at the Radisson City Centre in Indianapolis.  Topics will include the economy, budget, credit transfer and athletics.  Jim and Vinod volunteered to go to the meeting and will recruit a third party.

V.  State Budget Report

Jim reported on President Brand's comments at the last UFC meeting.  The president said the budget looks grim.  The Senate Finance Committee reported its budget version, and it is similar to Governor O'Bannon's budget report.  Both reports include very little for the universities.  President Brand predicted that we may not know our budget until July 1.

VI.  Campus Budget Process

A series of campus budget meetings has occurred in the past several weeks.  Jim, Vinod, and Dee Dee have sat in on some of them.

Vinod reported that we face a deficit of $520,000.  A large portion of this amount has been found via administrative cuts.  The campus needs to find an additional $144,000 to cut.  A list of positions exists, totaling $1.5 million in new positions.  It includes salary equity, too.  Thus, we have a choice between equity or new positions, what is more important?  If the Trustees approve a salary increase, the chancellor will do it, regardless of what is on the list.  If there is money left over, what should we emphasize?

Jim added that many of our colleagues depend on summer teaching, indeed, summer work is a matter of survival for some faculty.  Vinod replied that the chancellor is aware of that need.  Jean Poulard noted that some programs need more people to remain viable, such as Political Science.

President Tolhuizen ended the discussion by promising to keep us informed.

VII.  Committees

a.  Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee.  Beginning in the Fall, this committee will begin work on the Trustees' Teaching Award, or, should it?  Should we form a separate committee for this award?  If so, would we need to amend the by-laws?  The group agreed that no by-laws changes would be necessary for an ad hoc committee.

After some discussion, Ex Comm decided to ask the Teaching Committee to work on both the Trustees' Teaching Award and the Founders Day Award.  Then, over the summer, Jim, Pam, and others will work on examining all the committees and their charges and report back to Ex Comm in the Fall.

b.  Committee Assignments for Next Year.  The list of committee preferences will be coming out soon.  This year, however, under the new constitution, the committees have to be in place by the end of the spring term.  We need to move with alacrity.

VIII.  Division Elections for Executive Committee

The group discussed which members are serving one-year and two-year terms.  It was agreed that the following reps. serve one year: Education, Allied Health, Arts and Sciences, Social Work.  Two-year terms include Business, Nursing, SPEA, and Library.

Virgil Hoftiezer of the Northwest Center for Medical Education, noted that he is a non-voting member, and that at least one other member of Ex Comm is also non-voting.

IX.  Post-Tenure Review and Dismissal

Our post-tenure review process will be modeled after IUPUI's process, which was approved by the Trustees.  It puts the burden of proof on the administration, rather than on the faculty.  Mark Sheldon, Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee, will get the paperwork to his committee by Monday, and Jim will circulate it.

X.  Old Business

There was no old business.

XI.  New Business

Jim reminded the Ex Comm that a meeting with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs candidate will occur on Monday, April 9 at 4:00 p.m..  He urged all members to attend, if possible.

XI.  Adjournment

There being no further business, the Ex Comm meeting adjourned at 1:57 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

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