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March  2001

 I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m..

II.  Minutes of February 2, 2001

 A motion to approve the minutes was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III.  Update on Trustees Teaching Award

 A Faculty Organization resolution on this issue, passed in January,  urged the Trustees to be more inclusive with this award.  The UFC Agenda Committee brought up the idea of broader  inclusion.  At the February Board of Trustees meeting, it was agreed that the award should include full-time lecturers and full-time clinical appointees.  The language calls for 6% full-time tenured faculty and 6% full-time non-tenured faculty to received awards.  There is still no mention of part-time faculty.

 Here at IUN, we used the figure of 10%, rather than 6%.  Jim asked the Ex Comm if we need to change our figure at this point.  After some discussion, Ex Comm agreed that since the deans now have the award process underway, we should just proceed for this year.

IV.  Student-Centered Faculty Group Resolution

 In budget meetings this week, President Tolhuizen learned that the IUN administration is considering cuts in administrative expenses.  This action was suggested by the Student-Centered Faculty resolution at the February Faculty Organization meeting.  An announcement on this subject may come out next week.  So far, it appears the cuts would be at the Deans' level.

V.  Dr. Lynn Merritt Memorial

 Dr. Lynn Merritt passed away recently.  He had spent significant time at IUN in various capacities, including acting Dean of Academic Affairs, acting Dean of CIS, and adjunct emeritus faculty member in Chemistry.  Given his involvement with this campus, should a memorial statement be read into the minutes of the next Faculty Organization meeting?  Ex Comm agreed that such action should be taken.  It was suggested that Keith Lorentzen, retired Professor of Chemistry, be asked to deliver the statement.  Dr. Alan Lindmark will ask Professor Lorentzen to make this address.

 During discussion on this issue, Ex Comm realized that such an action should also be taken for the late Abraham Mizrahi, retired Professor of Mathematics.  President Tolhuizen will ask John Synowiec to deliver a memorial statement for Professor Mizrahi.

VI.  Presentation on IUN Admissions

 At the last A-Team meeting, Peter Kesheimer and Paulette Lafata-Johnson gave a presentation on IUN's recruiting efforts.  It illustrated the extensive amount of work we are doing in this area.  Shall we ask them to make such a presentation at the next Faculty Organization meeting?  The group agreed that it would be a good idea and suggested the presentation be brief, with plenty of time for questions.

 The discussion progressed to the subject of retention.  We should pay more attention to keeping students here once they begin attending classes at IUN.  One of the best ways to do so is the Freshman Seminar Experience, where students learn about how to use campus resources, how to conduct research, and similar skills.

VII.  Faculty Organization Elections

 The Faculty Organization elections will be held soon.  Up for election are offices of vice president, secretary, and one of the three at-large representatives to the Executive Committee.  The rest of the Ex Comm comprises divisional representatives, one-half elected for one-year terms, the other half for two-year terms.  Alan Lindmark will research which positions are for one and two year terms.

VIII.  Announcements

 Jim announced that Professor Rotz, chair of the Calendar Committee,  will present his annual dissertation on the IUN calendar up for approval at the next Faculty Organization meeting.

 The Faculty Affairs Committee is working on post-tenure review.  We should bring this issue to the Faculty Organization this year.  We need to finalize our campus plan, which will probably be modeled after IUPUI's process.

 On the subject of campus committees, Professor Pam Sandoval reminded the Ex Comm that we need to gather information on these committees, as described in the minutes of the last Executive Committee meeting.

IX.  Chancellor Bergland

 The chancellor arrived and had a few announcements:

 . There is concern about the upcoming KKK rally at Gilroy Stadium.  The Gary Police Department has asked to use our north parking lot for a staging area and use Raintree 102 for a briefing.  IUN will be hosting the science fair that day, so our security needs to be sufficient for Saturday's events.

 . The chancellor asked that we urge our colleagues to be involved in the current budget discussions.  He is serious about having an open process.

 . By the end of this semester, Chancellor Bergland plans to meet with all groups on campus.  He hopes these meetings will provide opportunities for IUN personnel to ask him questions about any subject.  He will probably organize these visits by departments.

 Chancellor Bergland asked for any questions or comments.  Alan Lindmark commented that the Executive Committee should have been involved in the second round of interviews for the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs position.

 President Tolhuizen reported that the Academic Council was asked to look at administrative re-structuring to reduce expenditures.  The Council sent the issue to the vice chancellors, who, in turn, sent some ideas back to the Council.  Nothing specific has been decided yet, but some decisions should be forthcoming soon.  Any changes will be effective July 1.

 Chancellor Bergland announced that the wording for the two Areas of Excellence should be finalized next week.

X.  Old Business

  There was no old business.

XI.  New Business

  President Tolhuizen announced that the immediate past chair/president of the Faculty Organization is a member of the Executive Committee.  Therefore, Professor Donald Coffin, as the immediate past chair, will be invited to join this committee.

XII.  Adjournment

 A motion to adjourn the meeting was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 2:39 p.m..

Respectfully submitted by:
Steve McShane, Secretary


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