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January  2001

 Attendance: Delunas, Poulard, McDonald, Stevens, Ige, Tolhuizen, Vinodgopal, Lindmark, Oprisko

I.  Call to Order

 President Jim Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m..

II.  Minutes of November 3, 2000

 A motion to approve the minutes of November 3, 2000 was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

III.  Budget Process Meetings

 Meetings to discuss IUN's budget began yesterday.  Jim and Alan Lindmark, chair of the Budget Committee, participated in the discussions.  Other attendees included most of the deans and the vice chancellors.

 Alan and Jim summarized the budget meeting.  In short, IUN need's to reduce next year's budget by $500,000.  Our total budget is around $33 million.  Alan distributed a number of financial reports and enrollment documents.  At yesterday's meeting, John Kroepfl noted that since 1992, IUN's enrollment has dropped by 25%.  Current enrollment mirrors that of 1988, yet today's  number of sections reflects 1993-94 figures.  The group agreed that many on campus feel that the number of administrators has grown, despite lower enrollments.

 There was no talk of positions or programs being cut.  In fact, the Chancellor is going for 4% raises for next year.

 Yesterday's budget meeting also included the possibility of reduced programming in the summer to deal with the budget problem.  Jim reminded the group that for some faculty, summer school teaching is essential to their income.  The Ex Comm agreed that if faculty are asked to take a lower payment for summer, then administrators should also make a sacrifice during the summer.

 The IU Trustees need recommendations for cuts by January 18.   Another meeting to discuss IUN's budget is scheduled for Tuesday, January 9.  Jim and Alan will attend.

IV.  Board of Trustees Teaching Award Process

 Interim Vice Chancellor Bill May arrived to describe this new award.  The Trustees have created a new teaching award to replace TERA.    Each award is $2,500.00, and we have ten of them.  Bill presented a draft of guidelines for the award process, based upon the faculty-authored guidelines for the Founders' Day Award.

 Jim voiced a concern that the Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee does not have time this year to create a process and make the awards.    This is a significant award and we should not rush it.  It would be preferable to have campus-wide involvement in this endeavor, but we are short on time.  For this year, the process will probably focus on the divisions to pick winners.

 The Ex Comm decided to send the draft guidelines to the Teaching and Classroom Technology Committee and ask it to fashion a process and perhaps a set of guidelines within ten days.

V.  Founders' Day Teaching Award

 Jim updated the Ex Comm on the progress of this years' Founders' Day Award.  The call for applications went out just before the Christmas break.

VI.  Faculty Board of Review

 The elections for the Faculty Board of Review have been held.  The Ex Comm began to discuss the idea of reporting not only the results of elections, but also the vote totals.  After much discussion, the group agreed that election results only will be announced, but the vote totals will be placed on reserve in the library.

VII.  First Tier Salary Committee

 This Committee is ready to go.  Fred Chary is the senior member.  Jim will ask them to begin work soon.

VIII.  Old Business

 There was no old business.

IX.  New Business

 Vinod reported that a committee has formed to draft guidelines for courses at the new Community College of Indiana.  Ex Comm agreed that it's important for those courses and their faculty to match the quality of courses and faculty at the home campus of Vincennes University.  Becky Porter at IUPUI is on that committee if we wish to contact her.

 Jim announced that a draft on the dismissal of tenured faculty and librarians for professional incompetence has been created.  This document distinguishes between misconduct and incompetence and is modeled after the IUPUI process.  It is what is left of post-tenure review.  It will now move on to the UFC's Faculty Affairs Committee next week.

 At our next meeting, we will discuss the issue of counseling for summer.

X.  Adjournment

 There being no further business, the Ex Comm meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m..

Respectfully submitted,

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