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      October, 2000


    Seibert, Stevens, Hass, Vinodgopal, Lindmark, Poulard, Delunas, McDonald,
    Sandoval, Gray, Hoftiezer, Tolhuizen, Ige, McShane.

    1.  Call to Order

     President Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m..

    2.  Minutes of September 8, 2000

     A motion to approve the minutes of the September 8, 2000 meeting was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

    3.  Grants and Research Development Committee

     The Executive Committee was to act as a "committee of the whole" to fill posts on the Grants and Research Development Committee.  We need about ten persons.  After some discussion, the Ex Comm agreed that the Faculty Organization president, vice president, and secretary would meet and make assignments to the GRDC.

    4.  Update of 1st Tier Salary Committee

     Academic Affairs has sent the Ex Comm a list of current full-time faculty.  Jim will go to the deans and program directors and ask them to hold elections for representatives to the 1st Tier Salary Committee.  Membership on the Committee is proportional, based on the size of the  of the various divisions.

    5.  Tabled Resolution

     The group began discussion of the resolution tabled at the last Faculty Organization meeting.  That resolution dealt with the lack of appropriate faculty representation on the Shared Vision Areas of Excellence Task Force.  After a few moments, the Ex Comm decided to move on to Agenda Item 6 and continue discussion of the tabled resolution as part of addressing Agenda Item 6.

    6.  Task Force on Centers of Excellence

     The Shared Vision Task Force on the Areas of Excellence has expanded to include students, community members, and the Academic Council.  It numbers nineteen persons, without any  faculty members.  Vice Chancellor Bill May, however, has asked that some faculty join the Task Force.

     After a lengthy and spirited discussion, the Ex Comm recommends that one person from each division would be assigned to the Task Force, with the exception of Arts and Sciences, which will have three representatives.  The divisions should elect or appoint representatives quickly.  This action would place eleven faculty members on the Task Force.  In sum, the Ex Comm recommends that the total membership of the Areas of Excellence Task Force be twenty-two persons, 50% faculty and 50% selected from other constituencies.

    7.  PPO Health Care Changes for 2001

     Jim updated briefly a couple of changes to the IU PPO Health Care Plan.  First, the $500 deductible option has been eliminated (this change could have actually occurred last year).  Also, a new PPO-Plus Plan will be offered this year.  Stay tuned for further details as the Open Enrollment Period commences in November.

    8.  Budget Deficit

     Jim reported that IUN is facing a very difficult budgetary problem, a deficit of around $533,000 for FY2000-2001.  All hiring is on hold.

     Ex Comm will ask Kris Bagan, Fac Org secretary, to distribute budget information to the Ex Comm.  She'll get the data from Alan Lindmark.  Ex Comm would also like the chancellor to inform us about the costs related to the Shared Vision process, e.g. the facilitators and other expenses.  We would like this information presented at the next Faculty Organization meeting.

    9.  Old Business

     There was no old business.

    10.  New Business

     A brief discussion occurred on the length of reports by administrators at Faculty Organization meetings.  The group agreed that administrators' remarks should be limited (except for the chancellor's remarks) and that brevity be encouraged.

     There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m..

    Respectfully submitted,

    Stephen G. McShane, Secretary

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