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September 2000

Attendance: Tolhuizen, Vinodgopal, Hass, Delunas, Ige, Gray, Seibert, Poulard, Lindmark, Stevens, McDonald, McShane

Call to Order

 President Tolhuizen called the meeting to order at 12:40 p.m..He thanked Interim Vice Chancellor Bill May for attending this meeting.  Jim noted that under the new constitution, we no longer have an Agenda Committee; therefore, the three officers (president, vice president, and secretary) will constitute the Agenda Committee.

Issues for Discussion and Disposition

 a.  Post-Tenure Review-The Faculty Organization approved a draft policy on Post-Tenure Review in February 1999 (available on the Faculty Organization web site).  Further action on it was tabled during the Shared Vision process.  We can now revisit the issue, especially since the Board of Trustees wants to see a policy.  The draft policy will be referred to the Faculty Affairs Committee, to be finalized and sent to the Executive Committee by November 3, 2000.

 b.  Professor Cohen's Proposal for University Services for Emeritus Professors-Professor Cohen has submitted a proposal for the provision of services for retired and emeritus faculty, such as parking privileges, computer accounts, office space, and the like.  After some discussion, a motion to refer the Cohen proposal to the Faculty Affairs Committee was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

At that point, the meeting moved into a discussion with Chancellor Bruce Bergland.

 The chancellor began by updating the situation with the air conditioning.  He noted the seriousness of the problem and reported that he will be meeting today with personnel involved to find a solution.  He then asked for questions from Committee members.

 Q: The Faculty Organization now has an Administrator Review Committee, but we are uncertain how to handle this process, what direction to take, is it campus-wide, are non-academic administrators included?

 A: Chancellor Bergland responded that he will talk to the Senior Staff about the issue.  He is supportive of the process.

 Q: What is the status of Summer Faculty Fellowships?

 A: Chancellor Bergland and VC Bill May informed the group that there will be ten fellowships at the rate of $7,500 each.  The due date is October 15.

 Q: What is the status of Tamarack Hall?

 A: The chancellor reported that the roof will be replaced "post-haste".  A consultant has reported that the theater is potentially unsafe, so the theater area has been closed.  Another evaluation will be made in a few days, along with a cost estimate, but this problem may not be fixed for awhile.  An alternative theater has been designated in Room 11 of Savannah Center.  In the next biennium, we will seek more funds for Tamarack.

 Q: Is there any update about the radio station?  A: Nothing yet.

 Q: What is the status of the Library Café?  A: We hope to have it finished very soon.

 Q: Where do we stand on Shared Vision?

 A: All but two Task Forces have met.  We are entering the phase where we are broadening the Vision.  More people will come in and make the Vision their own.  A draft proposal for the two areas of excellence is finished and is calling for an RFP ( VC Bill May distributed copies to the Executive Committee)

 Q: Under University rules, we can no longer fund food costs for Faculty Organization meetings as we have in the past.  Is there any recourse?

 A: Chancellor Bergland said he'd look into it.  It is true that under University rules, we cannot charge food costs to the General Account.

 Q: Could you provide some details about the Endowed Chairs?

 A: The chancellor responded that the Chairs will be senior, excellent faculty members in the areas of excellence.  The involvement of the IUN faculty has to be significant.  In addition, IUN will have many such endowed chairs in the years ahead.

 At that point, the chancellor excused himself for another appointment, as did VC May.

 Discussion then turned to consideration of the draft RFP for the areas of excellence.  There was agreement that the RFP is unacceptable because it excludes faculty on page 3.  After further discussion, the group charged Robin Hass and Steve McShane draft a resolution that the IUN faculty be fully involved in the process of determining the areas of excellence and the endowed chairs.

 c.  Professor Zinner-Kemp - HMO Coverage for Illinois Employees

 Discussion began on this issue when a majority of Executive Committee members left to attend other meetings.  The issue will be taken up at the next Ex. Comm. meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen G. McShane


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