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February 4, 2000

Members present:  Mary Ann Fischer, C. Hazel Malone, Robert Weiler, Cynthia O'Dell, Janice Grskovic, Pamela Sandoval, Paul Blohm, Jean V. Poulard, James Tolhuizen, Roberta Wollons, Dorothy Ige, Anna Rominger, Florence Sawicki, and Robin Hass.
  1. Call to Order
      Meeting was called to order at 10:20 a.m.
  2. Approval of Minutes
      November 12, 1999 and January 7, 2000 meetings. November 12 minutes were approved as is.  January 7 minutes were amended to include Anna Rominger in list of attendees.
  3. Update of the Status of the First Tier Salary Committee
      Only one Division has not yet sent in the name of their representative.  So far the membership is:
        Allied Health: Marlene Ledbetter
        Arts & Sciences: K. Vinodgopal, Ron Cohen, Fred Chary, Alan Lindmark, Stephanie Shanks-Meile
        Nursing: Donya Brown
        SPEA: George Olmstead
        Social Work: Robert Weiler
        Education:Geoffrey Schultz
  4. UFC Proposed "Statement on Civility"
      On Tuesday February 7, UFC will be discussing the statement on Civility.  The Executive Committee approved the document with a note that it sets a tone and could be stronger.
  5. Religious Observance
      The Executive Committee recommended the following change for item number 2 under Procedures:
        If a conflict with a religious observance exists, a student must make a request for a reasonable accommodation for the observance prior to the observance.  It is recommended that the request be in writing.
      The Dean of Faculties Office or the equivalent office on a given campus will develop a standardized form which may be used for this purpose, and copies of that form will be made widely available motion passed.
  6. Procedures for Second Reading of the Faculty Organization Bylaws.
      Bylaws will be brought up again at the next Faculty Organization meeting.
  7. Bookstore
      It was recommended that a letter be sent to John Black expressing concerns we have with cost of books as well as its return policy.  Pam will write letter explaining concern over cost of books.  Jim will deal with the return policy.
  8. Replacement of Resignations on the Grants & Research Dev. Committee
      We need to replace two people who have resigned from the committee because they will be applying for grants.  Jim has asked Ed d'Ouville to assume the chairmanship of the committee.
  9. Proposed Policy on Summer Faculty Fellowships
      A letter from K. Vinodgopal was distributed and will be brought up of discussion at Faculty Organization meeting.
  10. Faculty Organization Committee Structure
      Time ran up, this topic will be brought up at next meeting.
  11. Chancellor Bergland
      Chancellor Bergland spoke about the following:
      1. Search for Vice Chancellor
          First meeting with Search and Screen committee was on Thursday, February 3, 2000.  He wants everybody to understand that they are to do an aggressive job of recruiting the strongest candidate.  He also mentioned that he does not know if Marilyn is going to apply but wants it to be known that he has been very happy with her work.  There is no hidden message.
      2. Budget
          He is now working on putting together a budget process and looking for one that involves people.  There may be budget hearings.  Deans will have opportunity to present their views.  Chancellor would not mind having some members of Salary committee at the table.
      3. Vision
          There are things that have to be done.  We cannot wait until Vision work is complete.  He has asked John Black to look at budget and estimate what would happen if we reduce all budgets by 5% and what would happen is a million dollars were made available to do other things.
      4. Charter school
          There are things bubbling now and regardless of anything we hear it is merely a twinkle.  One rumor has to do with the establishment of a lab school in cooperation with IVY Tech and the school would be located between the two campuses.
      5. Vice Chancellor for Student Services
          Ernest's speech is better.  He should be home soon.  The Chancellor and Bill May will meet with people who report to Ernest and by the end of the month will make decisions.
      6. Space Utilization
          Chancellor did mention that he is bringing in someone from Denver to do an assessment on space usage in new building.
      7. Radio Station
          Question came up regarding space for radio station. Chancellor thought that this was already resolved.  He will look into the matter.
    1. Old Business
    2. New Business
    3. Adjournment
        Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.
    Submitted by Florence Sawicki, Secretary

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