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January 7, 2000

Members present:  Robin Hass, Robert Weiler, Mary Ann Fischer, Pamela Sandoval,James Tolhuizen, Dorothy Ige, and Florence Sawicki
  1. Call to Order
      Meeting was called to order at 10:09 a.m.
  2. Announcements
    1. Congratulations
        Constitution for Faculty Organization passed.
    2. Search Committee for the VC for Academic Affairs
        Alan Barr will be representing Faculty Organization on the VCAA Search Committee.
    3. Grants & Research Development Committee
        We are still waiting for recommendations from Grants Committee.  We cannot do anything until recommendations are sent to Executive Committee.
    4. UFC coming to IUN
        The UFC will be holding their March 2000 meeting on this campus.  The Executive Committee of this group meets about 11:30 and the Full University Committee meets at 1:00.  The meeting will be held in Conference Rooms A,B, C.
  3. Elections
      New constitutions calls for nomination of Faculty Organization Officers in February.  Chairman Tolhuizen with talk to Don Szarkowicz and ask that he go forward with this process.
  4. Bylaws
      We have yet to have had a first reading of the Bylaws for our new constitution.  We will do this at the January meeting and have second reading at the February meeting.
  5. First Tier Salary Committee
      The committee discussed if it would be feasible or not to reinstate the First Tier Salary Committee.  In the pass this committee has accomplished two things:
      1. made recommendations to administration on disbursal on money for faculty raises.
      2. made recommendations to administrations for disbursal for equity increases.
      This is the last year of equity.  Equity is defined as looking at similar and comparable institutions to see how we compare salary wise.

    This committee is elected by Divisions.  Make up is as follows:

    1. 6 representatives from A&S
    2. 2 representatives from Business
    3. 2 representatives from Education
    4. 2 representatives from Nursing
    5. 1 representative from each of the following divisions:
      1. Allied Health
      2. SPEA
      3. Social Work
    Executive Committee agreed it is time to reinstate the committee.
  6. Chancellor Bergland
      Since there will be a Trustees Meeting on January 21, 2000.  Chancellor Bergland will be unable to attend our Faculty Organization Meeting on that day he attended the Executive Committee and shared the following:
      1. Ernest Smith is still in hospital and no organizational changes will be made until we have a more definite prognosis on Mr. Smith condition.
      2. Not all of the new materials have been ordered for the new building.
      3. During the next three weeks Chancellor Bergland will be conducting Vision Meetings around northwest Indiana and when they are completed he will finalize the constitution of the search committee for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  He has most of the membership identified but still needs to identify two more members, i.e. a Dean and a member from the Chancellor's Advisory Board.  He will request that the search committee submit three, unranked, names to him.  At this point he is not planning on hiring a firm to conduct the search.  This will be up to the Search Committee to decide if they want to do this.  Hopefully, the VCAA will start by Fall 2000.
      4. Next three weeks he will be conducting numerous Vision Meetings in LaPorte, Pulaske, Jasper, Newton as well as Lake counties.
      5. Community College is moving along.  Spoke to IVY Tech Faculty recently.  Dr. Robert Moon attended the meeting with him and Dr. Moon spoke about some articulations going on with Allied Health and IVY Tech.
      The question was asked if he felt our Associate Degrees are in jeopardy?  Chancellor responded by saying what will probably happen in this area is to sort out who offers what and determine what we will keep as result of community initiatives.  This might be an opportunity for us to develop Graduate Programs.  He has also been talking with PUC.  PUC is cutting its Theater Program.  Conversations are continuing about starting a shuttle amongst the three campuses.
      1. The Academic Affairs Building is scheduled to open in February.  A PUNC and IUN Basketball Game is scheduled for February 8, 2000.
  7. Adjournment
      Meeting Adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Submitted by Florence Sawicki, Secretary;

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