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September 10, 1999

The meeting began at 10:07 am.  Professors Sawicki and Schoon were absent.

1.  There was a report on the work of the Committee on Constitutions: Everything is basically ready, but the proposed constitutions are not on the Web yet.  The final process was discussed.
There will be a first vote for choosing one of the two constitutions.  A second vote will take place for the ratification of the chosen constitution.  Each ballot will be by mail.

    The constitutions will be on the Agenda of the Faculty Organization meeting of September 24, 1999.  The voting process will be explained; there will be a second reading of the proposals, and debate on them will take place at the October Faculty Organization meeting.

2.  There was a report from the Chair on the Faculty Review Policy.  Only IUSB and IUN, among the regional campuses, have worked on this.  The IUB policy is in final form and is gone to the Board of Trustees and the President of the University.  The IUPUI proposed policy has been rejected by the Board of Trustees and the President of the University.  It seems that the Board of Trustees wants a mechanism to terminate faculty.

    There was considerable discussion over the question, especially on the fact that the IUB policy includes "professional incompetence" in its definition of "misconduct."  A "Misconduct Committee" has been established at IUB.

    The Executive Committee voted unanimously to instruct the IUN Faculty Affairs Committee to come up with a step-by-step policy.

3.  At 11:00 am, Chancellor Bergland arrived to report on the work being done for campus planning.  He mentioned that some changes will be made on campus in October.  He emphasized the need for good communications on campus and mentioned his availability in the lobby of Hawthorn on set dates.

    He apologized for spending too much time off campus but said that he planned to stay on campus much more in the future.

    Chancellor Bergland stated that he will try to make the campus budget understandable.  The budget will accurately represent what it takes to run our institution.

4.  As customary, the Executive Committee approved an award for Professor Linda Rooda for her tenure as Chair of the Faculty Organization.  The award will be given at the October Faculty Organization meeting.

5.  Professor Hass reported that a video about United Way will be shown at the October Faculty Organization meeting.

6.  The Chair made it known that one person from IUN is needed for each of the following UFC Committees:

Affirmative Action                   Honorary Degrees
External Relations                    Library
Faculty Affairs                         Student Affairs
Finance                                    Technology Policy
University Planning                  Education Policy
University Research Policy      Faculty Compensation
Faculty Governance

7.  The Chair reported on the organizing meeting of the UFC Agenda Committee.  Placed on the Agenda of the UFC will be the following:

Affirmative Action:    Development of a "civility" policy.                               Development of a reasonable policy for the observance holy days.
������� Policy to assure that each campus file an Affirmative Action report
        each year.
 Education:  The inter-campus transferability of courses will be settled.  Elimination of certain academic programs - those producing no more than 2 graduates a year on the average.
 Faculty Affairs: The question of the TERA awards will be taken up.  The issue of non-tenure track faculty will be also discussed.

8.  The Chair called for nominations of 5 persons for the Campus Grievance Commission and 2 persons for the Marketing Committee.

The meeting adjourned at noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean V. Poulard, Secretary pro tempore

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