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April 16, 1999

Present: Blohm, Hass, LaReau, Lindmark, Malone, Poulard, Rominger, Sandoval, Schoon, Tolhuizen (Chair), and Weiler.

1. Paul Blohm gave a report on the UFC meeting of March 30.  There were four issues discussed at that meeting:

a. A proposal for a "FN" grade was made - such a grade would apply to students who get an F for disappearing from a course. The reason is that the Federal Government gets its money back from the University for any F. The University's response may be to notify the Federal Government of students who disappear.

b. Intercampus transfer of course credits - because of difficulties on this score, it has been proposed that a committee be established for each major department involving faculty from all the campuses. Contents of  courses would presumably be standardized.

c. Pay of non-tenure track faculty - campuses are to look at the whole issue. Number of such faculty, pay scale, etc. The status of academic freedom of these faculty is also to be discussed.

d. Procedure for the review of the University President - a professional, Robert Atwell, is to review the procedure and is conducting interviews with faculty members. He was at IUN earlier this month.
2. The Chair, James Tolhuizen, reminded the Executive Committee about issues which have now been put on the "backburner."
a. IUN Faculty constitutions.

b. Post-tenure review policy - It was noted that the IUB Faculty Council has approved a policy.

3. The Chair presented each member of the Executive Committee with a copy of the Plan of  the Process for Strategic Planning. The Chair also reported that he talked to the  Chancellor-Elect who approved this plan. Chancellor-Elect Bergland will most  likely attend the Faculty Organization Meeting of April 23 (1-3 pm).

4. Jean Poulard told the Executive Committee of the excellent work Patricia Lundberg did on the Process Planning Committe. There was a round of applause in her absence.

Respectfully submitted by:  Jean V. Poulard, Executive Committee Member (SPEA)

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