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October 1, 1999

Members present: J. Tolhuizen, R. Hass, D. Ige, J. Poulard, A. Rominger, P. Sandoval, R. Wollons, F. Sawicki, C. O'Dell, and N. Rosselli

Meeting was called to order at 10:08

I. Motion to approve minutes
 Changes: remove Ken Scho0on name from executive committee from now on only list names of members present.

    Minutes were approved

II. Chair discusses adding another Vice Chancellor to regularly speak at Faculty Organization meeting.  The committee agreed.  Jim will speak with the Vice Chancellor before adding to agenda.

III. UFC will meet on March 28, 2000 on our campus.  Jim T. will initiate planning for the meeting.  Some of us will help him set up this meeting.

IV. Jim T.  informed committee that he has had conversations with Chancellor Bergland, President Brand as well as Trustees and all agree that we should put the issue of Post Tenure Review on the back burner.  Apparently the IU attorney is developing a set of guidelines for tenure review and when they are completed copies will be submitted to appropriate committees for review and discussion.

V. Plans for the year
 An informal discussion was held regarding what Faculty Organization should be concentrating on for the remainder of the year.  Some suggestions were made such as possible committee restricting as well as identifying someone to be the Archivist for the faculty organization.  This may be one person or a committee.

VI. Anonymous Letters
 The question of what should be done with anonymous letters written about faculty members was raised.  It was decided that the issue will be sent to Faculty Affairs for review.

Meeting adjourned at 11:26

Submitted by Florence Sawicki, Secretary

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