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Executive Committee Minutes

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February 12, 1999

Present: Bosman, Hass, LaReau, Lindmark, Lundberg, Malone, O'Dell, Rominger, Rosselli, Sandoval, Tolhuizen, Weiler.

1. UFC Report. President Brand emphasized the need to revise the intercampus transfer system. He also endorsed the Governor's idea to implement a community college system. The President said most campuses were well positioned to address this new development, however there is concern over the effects on the East, Kokomo, and Northwest campuses.

2. Constitution Committee. Presented two draft constitutions for members of the Executive Committee, UFC representative. Bylaws were also presented. Considerable discussion regarding the two documents ensued. The Committee and Chair Anne Rominger received a round of applause for tackling this difficult issue.

3. Faculty Affairs Committee--F. Caucci. Presented a draft policy regarding post tenure review.

4. Welcome. Chair Jim Tolhuizen welcomed C. O'Dell as the new member at large.

Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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