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September 11, 1998

Present: Bosman, Coffin, Hass, Hoftiezer, Ige, Lindberg, Lorimer-Lundberg, Malone, Poulard, Rominger, Rooda, Rosselli, Sandoval, Schoon, Tolhuizen, Wieler.

1. Faculty Organization Web Pages. The Chairs' acknowledgment of the Secretary's work on the web pages was met with a round of applause.

2. Committee Reports. The Arts and Sciences Chair's Counsel's proposal regarding diversity on Faculty Organization committees was discussed in light of reports from the Affirmative Action and Faculty Affairs Committees. It was moved and seconded to endorse the following statement: "The Faculty Organization recognizes the importance of diversity on committees and throughout the University and directs the Faculty Organization to consider diversity in the make up of committees." After debate concerning the wording the motion was tabled. Ige, Coffin, and Tolhuizen will work on a formal motion for future presentation.

The Constitution Committee re-presented a proposed addition to the bylaws, and the following new motion

3. Executive Committee Membership. A discussion regarding the appropriateness of administrators on the Executive Committee was discussed. The Constitution does not prohibit administrators from serving on the Executive Committee., although this potential conflict has traditionally been avoided. It is a personal decision. As a result, the position of UFC representative will be vacated and a new election held.

Don Coffin resigned his position as immediate past chair. Don was thanked for his service and received a round of applause.

4. Ad hoc Committees. The subject of forming ad hoc committees to address issues of faculty misconduct was addressed and the following proposal presented.

After discussion, the motion was moved and seconded to present to the Faculty Organization.

5. Staff Awards. The Executive Committee sent a memo expressing its displeasure with the way the Staff Awards were handled. The memo was sent to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Affirmative Action/Human Resources Officer.

6. Intercampus Committees. In response to a request from the Vice Chancellor, the Executive Committee suggested names for three intercampus committees to investigate "excellence. Clarification of the committees purpose will be requested from the VC.

7. UFC Report.

Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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