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Executive Committee Minutes

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April 10, 1998

Present: Ciminillo, Coffin, Hass, Hoftiezer, Hug, Ige, LaReau, Nardi, Rooda, Tolhuizen.

Chair's Business:
Appointments to the Search Committee for Vice President for Distributed Education: An email from R. Moran announcing his appointment to the search committee for the Assistant Vice President for Distributed Education was read and discussed.

The President's Task Force for Internal Review: D. Coffin reported that President Brand met with the Task Force through videoconferencing on Friday, April 3, to give them their charge: to identify challenges and opportunities facing the campus as they would influence the search for a new chancellor. The Task Force met again on Friday, April 10.

Committee Reports:

Budgetary Affairs: A resolution for the Budgetary Affairs committee was read and discussed.

Faculty Board of Review: Two resolutions from the Faculty Board of Review were read and discussed.

Committee on Committees: The committee preference list will be sent out next week. Modifications in the process for committee assignments were addressed to insure greater satisfaction in individual assignments.

Submitted by: Robin Hass, Acting Secretary

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