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May 8, 1998

Present: Ciminillo, Coffin, Hoftiezer, Hug, Ige, LaReau, Lindmark, Nardi, Rooda, Strupeck, Tolhuizen, Vinodogopal, Wollons

1) A letter from Don Gray was circulated. Twelve to fourteen names of Faculty are to be sent the president by May 15 to make up the Faculty component of the Search and Screen Committee for a new Chancellor. Eight or nine will be selected by President Brand after the campus review committee completes its work at the end of May. It was also requested that several of these names be from among the review committee. Names of staff members were also requested. The committee will consist of: 8-9 IUN Faculty, 2 staff, 2 students, 2-3 community members and the Chairperson, Ken Perrin, Chancellor at IUSB.

Strupeck moved that the names of faculty to be forwarded consist of the current twelve members of the review committee. Coffin moved that the name of Chairperson Rooda be added to the list. It was decided in discussion that if a member were unwilling/ineligible that they should be replaced by their division or their divisional representatives on the executive committee where time did not permit a divisional meeting. These motions were all unanimously approved. The final list which was established the following week was:

Allied Health: Skurka for Adler

Arts and Sciences:

Business: Lynch for Coffin

Education: Blohm

Library: To be decided

Nursing: Nardi


Chairperson of Faculty Org.: Rooda

Medical Education representative/status to be decided by the IUN Medical School and President Brand

It was also decided that the names of Community leaders should be solicited and reviewed by next years executive committee as soon as possible.

2) A memo from Arts and Sciences Chair's Council was discussed. This motion stated: "In the interests of having diverse representation on this campus, we will seek to have minority and female representation on all major committees."

The concept was supported by the Executive Committee, however, several questions arose as to what constituted a major committee, and whether or not this referred to both elected and non-elected committees or to just non-elected committees. There was also concern expressed about overburdening our minority faculty with committee work. Lindmark moved that " This resolution be sent to both the Affirmative Action and Faculty Affairs Committee for expedient consideration." The motion unanimously passed.

3) The question of Ad hoc Faculty committees to address questions of faculty misconduct was discussed. Lindmark moved "In cases where the Chancellor feels the need for faculty input in a formal way, the members of the previous years board of review be used to form a committee." Strupeck moved to table. The motion to table was defeated. The Committee supported the general framework of the resolution but saw some need for refinement of the wording. Topics of concern included how to handle possible conflicts of interest and how to make the resolution consistent with the faculty constitution. It was agreed that Lindmark would reformulate the resolution and allow members of the 1997-98 Executive Committee to have input. The motion would then go to the 1998-99 Executive Committee with the recommendation that the Faculty Organization act on it at the first meeting in the Fall. The motion to reformulate and forward passed.

4) The election of a new UFC representative to replace Coffin will take place early in the fall semester before the first UFC meeting. Nominations should be sent to Rooda.

5) Coffin moved "The Executive Committee expresses it outrage at the way the Staff Awards were handled for this years recognition awards." Ciminillo will draft a formal memo to be sent to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Affirmative Action/Human Resources Officer. The motion passed unanimously.

6) Next year's Executive Committee was announced:

Chairperson: Rooda

Agenda Committee: Bosman-Secretary, Haas, Lindmark

Past Chairperson: Ige

At-large: Lorimer-Lundberg, Sandoval, Tolhuizen

Allied Health: LaReau

A&S Wollons

Business: to be elected to replace Strupeck

Education: Rosario

Library: Rosselli

Nursing: to be elected to replace Nardi

SPEA: Poulard

Ex officio: Hoftiezer-Medical Education; Lovely-Continuing Studies; Weiler-Social Work; Labor Studies ??? all non-voting

Note: The previous years division member maintains voting status on the executive committee until a new member is elected.

Submitted: by Alan F. Lindmark, interim Secretary

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