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September 12, 1997

Present: Bosman, Coffin, Hass, Hoftiezer, Ige, LaReau, Lindmark, Nardi, Rooda, Rusinek, Strupeck, Tolhuizen, Wollons.
  1. Black History Month. Per the March 1997 Faculty Organization Resolution, C. Blake, E. Jones, and D. Taylor-Guthrie have been appointed to the Black History Month/Martin Luther King Day Planning Commission. The Chancellor has secured $5,000 in funding and will work with the Committee in the hopes of obtaining additionally funding.
  2. Bookstore. The issue of the bookstore's hours was discussed. Evening hours were suggested.
  3. Commencement. A second commencement session was suggested for Fall and Summer graduates. Since only the President can confer degrees, a second session seems unlikely. However, the Committee agreed that this is an important issue which needs to be addressed, and forwarded the subject to the Academic Ceremonies Committee for further investigation.
  4. Student Grievance Commission. In response to a memorandum from Acting VC Marilyn Vasquez, and in keeping with the Student Code of Ethics, the Executive Committee was asked to recommend faculty to serve on the Commission. D. Strupeck, A. Lindmark, C. Rusinek, D. Nardi, and J. Tolhuizen volunteered. Two additional names will be recommended.
  5. Faculty Organization Secretary. The position of immediate past secretary is vacant. The Committee agreed to ask the previous past secretary to serve as immediate past secretary in Faculty Organization meetings. If the present secretary should be absent from an Executive Committee meeting, a volunteer from those in attendance will be selected.
  6. Search and Screen Committee. The Deans have been asked to make recommendations for participants to form a Search and Screen Committee for Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.
  7. Executive Committee Meeting Time. The meeting time of the Committee will remain at 10:00 a.m.
  8. Campus Marketing Committee. Per a memorandum from A. Robinson, the Executive Committee suggested two faculty members to serve on the Marketing Committee. The Faculty Organization President will also serve on the Committee. D. Ige volunteered.



    It was suggested that additional faculty representation may be appropriate, as well as a liaison between the Marketing and Strategic Planning Committees.

  10. Continuing Recognition for Faculty. The issue of recognition for faculty beyond the rank of full professor was discussed. The issue of additional ranks/titles will be forward to the Faculty Affairs Committee. A temporary ad hoc committee consisting of members of the Budget and Campus Planning & Facilities Committees will be appointed to investigate other methods of recognition.
  11. Computers. In response to a memorandum from the campus' Mac Users Group, the issues related to Mac users and computers will be forward to the Computer Committee, with the direction for the Committee to meet with the Group.
  12. Administration's Committees. The participation of faculty on administration's committees was discussed.
  13. Budgetary Affairs Committee. The Committee requested suggestions for budgetary topics.
  14. Elections. The Executive Committee discussed issues of confidentiality in relation to the elections process.
  15. Executive Committee Membership. The President will extend invitations for ex-officio representatives from Medical Education, Labor Studies, Social Work, and Continuing Education.
  16. Student Ombudsman. This issue needs to be followed up with Student Services.
  17. Technology. VC Bob Moran briefly explained recent technological difficulties, commented upon the reorganization of Computer Services, and indicated that two new staff members have been hired. Distribution of the Campus Technology Plan will be discussed with the Administration.

Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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