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February 14, 1997

Present: Bosman, Cimenello, Coffin, Cohen, Hug, Ige, La Reau, Lindmark, Nardi, Ruisnek, Vinodgopal
  1. Proposal for Student Ombudsperson. Cheryl Watkins, a student representative, presented the proposal. The Committee supported the proposal and suggested the students work with the Student Affairs Committee on revisions.
  2. Health Care Benefits. Poor communication regarding changes in the PPO program has caused confusion. Don Coffin has discussed the matter with the benefits coordinator in Bloomington, Dan Rives, and with campus benefits personnel. Don has suggested that wider distribution of provider lists would be helpful.
  3. Black History Month. The Committee agreed that Black History Month is an important part of the intellectual life of the campus and, as such, event planning should be formalized through existing committee structure and should involve interested parties. A Resolution modifying the charge of the Academic Affairs Committee to include planning for Black History Month was proposed.
  4. Continuing Recognition for Faculty. The issue of recognition for faculty beyond the rank of full professor was discussed. The Chair reported that the campus can not create new academic ranks or titles, as these are system-wide. The campus may created, with Board of Trustee approval, endowed or unendowed chairs
  5. Post Tenure Review. Don reported that the Board of Trustees has informally raised the post tenure review question, which President Brand opposes. It should be noted that the issue is not under formal consideration by the Board at this time.
  6. Nominations for Chancellor's Review Committee. The Committee was reminded to submit nominations to Don Coffin as soon as possible.
  7. Summer School. The Committee has requested the Administration to provide revenue and cost data on a divisional basis.
  8. Next meeting: March 21, 1997 at 1:00 pm.
Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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