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November 14, 1997

Present: Bosman, Ciminillo, Coffin, Hug, Ige, LaReau, Lindmark, Nardi, Rooda, Rusinek, Strupeck, Tolhuizen, Vinodogopal, Wollons.
  1. Correspondence.

  2. A. A memorandum from the Black History Month/Martin Luther King Day Planning Committee indicates that two speakers have been secured.

    B. A note regarding TERA Awards was received and sent to the Teaching Committee for a response.

    C. Correspondence regarding equity issues for lecturers was sent to Don Coffin for a response.

    D. A letter regarding campus safety was read.

    E. A request to re-open discussion on the campus mission statement was received.

  3. Committee Reports.

  4. A. The Library Committee has approved the Library budget, which will be presented for the Faculty Organization's approval.

    B. Calender Committee has met and has approved a draft calender.

    C. The Grants Committee has been formed. Additional representatives from Education and/or Nursing are being sought.

  5. Academic Ethics Violations. The issue was discussed due to proposed UFC revision of the sexual harassment policy and recommendation that the campus Affirmative Action Officer be a faculty member. The discussion was tabled.
  6. Post Tenure Review. The Executive Committee notes that there is considerable miscommunication at the UFC level regarding the issue.
  7. Campus Marketing Committee. Ann Robinson, chair, was invited to address the Executive Committee. She reported that the Committee is focusing on student recruitment.
Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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