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October 10, 1997

Present: Bosman, Ciminillo, Hass, Hoftiezer, LaReau, Lindmark, Nardi, Rooda, Rusinek, Strupeck, Tolhuizen, Vinodogopal, Wollons.
  1. Indiana Higher Education Committee Leadership Seminar. Strupeck and Tolhuizen will attend.
  2. Student Advocate Program. The Committee on Committees recommends B. Dorin and C. Rusinek to serve as faculty advisors to the program.
  3. Saturday Class Schedule. A request for investigation into Saturday class scheduling was sent to the Calender Committee.
  4. Marketing Committee. The Executive Committee will invite the Head of the Committee to attend an Executive Committee meeting.
  5. Technology Fee Committee. E. Rykken, B. Scott, K. Schoon, and R. Hug have been appointed per recommendations from the divisions.
  6. Search and Screen Committee. Prior to appointing members to the Search and Screen Committee for the VC for Student Affairs, the Executive Committee will request further information.
  7. Royalty Policy. This issue has been referred to the Faculty Affairs Committee.
  8. Resolutions. Three resolutions were presented.
  9. Post Tenure Review. A draft of an IUPUI document was presented for informational purposes.
  10. Faculty Misconduct. The Committee reviewed the Academic Handbook and agreed to draft a related resolution, which would be presented to the Committee at a future time.
  11. Correspondence. A Faculty member's letter of apology for recent misconduct was read.
Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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