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Executive Committee Minutes

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January 10, 1997

Present: Bosman, Coffin, Hoftiezer, Lindmark, Nardi, Rooda, Ruisnek, Strupek.
  1. Nominations for Chancellor's Review Committee. The Review Committee will consist primarily of tenured faculty from IUN. Each person was encouraged to submit nominations from their divisions. At a future date, the Executive Committee will select approximately seven names from the nominees . Tenured faculty holding administrative rank are not eligible.
  2. Funding for Social Work Program. A resolution was submitted and discussed. It will be presented to the Faculty Organization on January 17, 1997.
  3. Computer Services. The performance of the computer services department was discussed. It was agreed to forward the issue to the Computer Committee.
  4. Retention. The Committee agreed that Retention is a priority issue and suggested names for a possible Faculty Organization Task Force to address the issue.
  5. Next Meeting: February 14, 1997, 10:00am-12:00
Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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