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March 21, 1997

Present: Bosman, Coffin, Cohen, Hinshaw, Hoftiezer, Ige, La Reau, Lindmark, Lundberg, Nardi, Rooda, Ruisnek, Strupek, Vinodgopal.
  1. Computer Committee Report. Bert Scott distributed the Committee's minutes. He discussed and answered questions regarding the campus Web page, dial-in network access and service at the Computer Services Help desk. He will report on the Committee's deliberations at the March Faculty Organization.
  2. Black History Month. A revised proposal regarding Black History Month was presented and revisions were suggested. The proposal will be presented at the next Faculty Organization meeting.
  3. Draft Campus Vision Statement. The Marketing Committee and the Academic Council were presented with a draft "vision statement" for the campus. Discussion centered around the possible need for additional faculty representation on the Marketing Committee the potential process for making this recommendation. The possible need for a Faculty Organization Committee to look at the draft was discussed, as was the related issue of which committee would be appropriate. Related questions included: is the Marketing Committee the right place for this document; how does this document relate to the newly proposed campus mission statement; should the Marketing Committee be doing program related planning? Don Coffin will meet with Chancellor Richards and V.C. Veeder to discuss these issues.
  4. Vice Chancellor's Service and Research Awards. The Executive Committee is responsible for recommending one person to serve on an awards committee. It was agreed to recommend previous award recipients.
  5. UFC Report. Don Coffin reported that the UFC has amended its bylaws regarding how faculty are counted for representation purposes on university wide councils. Faculty, rather than administration, now determine how faculty will be counted. The outcome of this action has yet to be determined, but may conflict with IUN's practices regarding Medical Education faculty.
  6. Nominations for Chancellor's Review Committee. The Committee reviewed a lengthy list of recommendations.
  7. Campus Mission Statement. A proposed revision of the campus mission statement, as presented by Paul Kern, was discussed. The revision is an outgrowth of the August 1996 campus convocation, and will be discussed at the next Faculty Organization meeting.

Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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