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December 13, 1996

Present: Bosman, Cimenello, Coffin, Cohen, La Reau, Lindmark, Lundberg, Rooda, Ruisnek.
  1. The Committee discussed John Dustman's memorandum regarding Web pages. Remote access to the IUN network was a concern, particularly for Macintosh users. The Committee agreed to send these issues to the Computer Committee.
  2. Funding for the Masters in Social Work program was discussed in reference to a recent SDC proposal. A resolution will be drafted and presented at the next Executive Committee Meeting.
  3. Marketing. Two faculty members have joined the Deans' on a Marketing Committee.
  4. Student Government is proposing the establishment of a "Student Ombudsperson" and would like to have faculty support. A formal document has been prepared and the issue will be referred to the Student Affairs Committee.
  5. Next meeting: January 10, 1997 10:00am-12:00. Note the new time.
Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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