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November 8, 1996

Present: Bosman, Ciminillo, Coffin, Cohen, Hinshaw, Hoftiezer, LaReau, Lindmark, Lundberg, Rooda, Rusinek, Strupeck, Vinodgopal, Williamson-Ige
  1. The Executive Committee made recommendations to the review committees for the Deans of Business and Allied Health and for the Vice Chancellor.
  2. Recommendations for an ad hoc committee to deal with a potential disciplinary situation were made.
  3. An ad hoc committee was appointed, as agreed upon at the October 11, 1996 Executive Committee meeting, and charged with developing procedures for dealing with potential disciplinary should a future need arise.
  4. The UFC Resolution related to the Teaching Excellence Recognition Awards was distributed and discussed. The UFC will vote on the resolution on November 12, 1996.
  5. A Resolution regarding sexual harassment was distributed and discussed. The Resolution is addressed to IU employees, and Faculty members in particular. The existing policy was addressed in relation to the Resolution. The Committee agreed to revise the Resolution and bring it to the next Faculty Organization meeting.
  6. The text of a Memorial Resolution for Max J. Putzel, Professor Emeritus of German, was distributed. The Committee agreed to place an edited version of the Resolution on the Agenda for the next Faculty Organization meeting.
  7. Summer School. The following issues were addressed: low enrollment, financial loss, budgetary support questions, how course offerings are determined. It was agreed to ask the Chancellor to provide relative enrollment and financial figures prior to the next Executive Committee meeting.
  8. Next meeting: December 13, 1996
Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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