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October 11, 1996

Present: Bosman, Ciminillo, Coffin, Cohen, Hinshaw, LaReau, Lindmark, Lundberg, Nardi, Rooda, Risnek, Vinodgopal.
  1. Policy on time release grants report by Bill May. Concerns regarding the relationship of time release to the capacity model were expressed. Should time release grants continue to be awarded, particularly since applications have already been posted this year? The Committee moved, seconded and approved the following: Grant applications for this year should be considered. The Faculty Affairs Committee will examine the future of the time release program and report to the Faculty Organization.
  2. President Brand's Visit. The timely distribution of the schedule for Brand's visit was discussed with Bill May. Following this, Mr. May excused himself from the meeting.
  3. Procedures for hearings in cases involving potential disciplinary proceedings against faculty. The Committee was asked to help nominate an ad hoc committee to deal with a potential disciplinary situation. Current University policies do not establish a specific procedure for such hearings.


    Discussion focused on two main points: the requested appointment of an ad hoc committee and the lack of specific procedures. The following was moved, seconded, and approved: The Executive Committee does not wish to nominate an ad hoc committee at this time. Further, a special committee will be appointed and charged with developing procedures for dealing with potential disciplinary situations. The special committee will report back to the Faculty Organization by January 1997.

  4. Commission on Higher Education Faculty Leadership Seminar. The Commission holds an annual, all-day seminar in Indianapolis, and we are permitted to send three faculty members. This year's seminar will deal with the relationship between the high school "Core 40" curriculum and what colleges and universities are doing. The Executive Committee extends this invitation to interested parties.
  5. Next meeting: November 1, 1996 at 2:30 p.m.
Submitted by: Ellen Bosman, Secretary

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