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October 18, 1996

Attending: Lewis Ciminillo, Don Coffin, Ron Cohen, Kathy Hinshaw, Dorothy Williamson-Ige, Janice LaReau, Alan Lindmark, Patti Lorimer-Lundberg, Carol Rusinek, and Kizhanipuram Vinodogopal.
  1. Committee to review Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Names were submitted by the Executive Committee for the review committee.
  2. Committee to review the current case of faculty misconduct: Discussion regarding the construction of this committee and what function the committee was to serve was heard. A motion was made and seconded to recommend the establishment of an ad hoc committee to resolve whether there is sufficient reason to believe that the faculty member has engaged in "serious personal or professional misconduct" (University Faculty Council, Dec. 3, 1968; Board of Trustees, July 27, 1969; Academic Handbook (1992), p. 25). The motion was passed.
Submitted by: Kathy Hinshaw, Immediate Past Secretary

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