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Associate of Science in Labor Studies


Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor of Arts in History

Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Science

Bachelor of General Studies

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration

Bachelors of Science in French

Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration

Bachelor of Science in Informatics

Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Bachelor of Science in Digital Media and Story Telling

Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies

Bachelors of Science in Spanish

Bachelors of Science in Sustainability Studies

Bachelors of Arts in Sustainability Studies

Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing



Graduate Certificate in Biology 

Graduate Certificate in Chemistry

Graduate Certificate in Communication Studies

Graduate Certificate in Composition Studies

Graduate Certificate in Political Science

Graduate Certificate in History

Graduate Certificate in Spanish

Graduate Certificate in Literature

Graduate Certificate in Language and Literature

Graduate Certificate in Mathematics

Certificate in Labor Studies


Master Degrees

Master of Arts in English

Master of Arts in History

Master of Arts in Political Science

Master of Liberal Studies

Master of S.Ed in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum

Master of Arts in Political Science

Master of Arts in History

M.A.T. in Chemistry

M.A.T. in History

M.A.T. in Biology

M.A.T. in Math

M.A.T. in Political Science

M.A.T. in French

Ed.S in Educational Leadership

Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Public Safety


Associate Degrees

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