Sexual Harassment Prevention



Why Should You Earn This Certification?

Credential you will earn: Sexual Harassment Prevention and Investigation Certification from the Center for Professional Development @IUN

Course length: 24 hours


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Sexual harassment continues to pose a real threat to employees and employers. In 2018, the EEOC handled 24,655 claims of sex-related discrimination nationwide. Indiana employees filed over 1,800 of these claims, 639 of which were for sex-related claims and 699 involved claims of unlawful retaliation. During 2018, the EEOC negotiated monetary damages of $233 million for victims of Title VII discrimination and harassment. This number does not include the damages awarded through litigation. It also does not include the costs of employee absences and lost productivity and the psychological impact on harassed employees.

This program will explain and discuss what sexual harassment is, how it impacts employees and employers, and effective steps employers can use to prevent sexual harassment from occurring. Participants will be introduced to the Hobson-Szostek Organizational Assessment through which they can compile an objective assessment of their employer’s readiness to prevent sexual harassment in their workplace.

What if an allegation of sexual harassment occurs? Many times it is the employer’s response that limits their liability. Participants will learn how to effectively respond to a complaint of sexual harassment in a way that protects employees as well as the employer. Participants will learn and practice how to conduct an effective workplace investigation.


Dr. Hobson is a Professor of Management at Indiana University Northwest. He has functioned as an expert witness in 39 court cases, many of which have involved allegations of sexual harassment/assault. Dr. Hobson has published two books and multiple articles on sexual harassment and assault, including one in 2015 introducing the first-ever organizational assessment tool. He has provided sexual harassment prevention workshops to scores of organizations and trained hundreds of employees and managers.

Dr. Szostek is an attorney and consultant, as well as an Adjunct Faculty member at Indiana University Northwest where she teaches students sexual harassment prevention best practices. She holds a Juris Doctor degree from Valparaiso University and a Master of Science in Personnel and Human Resource Development from Illinois Institute of Technology. She has over two decades of experience in training and consulting.


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Certification Requirements
  • Complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention and Investigations program (40 hours)
  • Complete an analysis of your employer using the Hobson-Szostek Sexual Harassment Profile