Professional Certifications

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From software training for administrative professionals to process improvement courses for managers and teams, the Center for Professional Development is the region’s best choice for a wide range of professional certifications.

We provide students, alumni, employers, business professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs with affordable, high-quality training led by award-winning faculty from the School of Business and Economics.

Launch Your Career

You may not have a degree, but you’ve got drive. The Center for Professional Development can provide you with professional certifications to help you gain knowledge of a particular industry and help you move into a rewarding career.

Advance Your Career

Are you ready to take the next step? Increase your knowledge, build your skill set, improve your performance, and build your expertise with a professional certification from Indiana University Northwest.


  • University admission not required. You do not need to be an IU Northwest student to register for Center for Professional Development courses.
  • Courses taught at conveniently located training sites in Gary and Michigan City
  • Discounts for current IU Northwest students and School of Business and Economics alumni
  • Flexible payment plans