Dale Carnegie Sales Certification



Why Should You Earn This Certification?

All sales professionals who want to reach new levels of success by mastering a relationship-based selling approach, as well as those wanting to pursue a career in sales, should earn this certification.

Credential you will earn: Certificate of Achievement from Dale Carnegie: Dale Carnegie Sales, Winning with Relationship Selling

Course length: 24 hours


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In an increasingly complex selling environment, successful sales professionals use relationship-oriented selling approaches to help their customers win. In today’s complex sales environment, gimmicks and tactics are obsolete: customers are just too savvy. Armed with pricing and information from your website, reviews from the Internet, and recommendations from an army of colleagues and friends, most customers will have completed 70% of the buying process without engaging with a sales person.

Only intentional sales professionals who cut through the noise to foster authentic client-centered relationships can truly help their customers win. A strong customer relationship allows the sales organization to build trust, offer insights, and then help the customer meet their business objectives. Only through enduring and meaningful customer relationships can sales professionals learn which approach will create the best opportunity for client success. The reality is that true relationships foster loyalty, which in turn builds a sustainable pipeline, ultimately making it possible to meet or exceed goals and quotas.

Dale Carnegie sales training programs focus on person-centered selling, thereby building relationships that create a sustainable pipeline of success.


  • Create goals for personal and professional success
  • Build a winning and confident attitude
  • Identify the best prospecting methods to fill your pipeline
  • Connect with your customers by applying relationship-building techniques
  • Develop active listening skills to identify opportunities and head off challenges
  • Establish credibility and communicate your value
  • Use social media to expand your networking influence
  • Develop powerful questions to uncover customer needs
  • Create interest by describing an individual and customer-centric solution


  • Committing to a relationship-oriented approach
  • Building confidence and credibility
  • Creating profitable connections that expand your network
  • How collaboration leads to commitment
  • Creating value for your customers
  • Communicating your value with confidence and ease
  • Effectively managing hesitation
  • Strengthening the buyer relationship


David Osborne is an Executive OD Consultant, Facilitator, and Producer with over 25 years of experience in team leadership, sales, project management, and coaching. He has over 14 years of experience as a multi-course certified Senior Trainer and Executive Coach. He is a distinguished public speaker and keynote speaker. He has worked with many clients, including Apple, Microsoft, AllState, Hilton Hotels, and the federal government, across numerous industries, including banking, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail. He facilitates face-to-face and online training programs for five Dale Carnegie Training franchises.


Price Includes
  • Textbook and materials
  • Registration fees
Certification Requirements
  • Successful completion of the program