School of Education

M.S. in Education

Major Requirements
Elementary Education: Urban Option


1 Math course at or above college level
1 Science course with a lab

1 course in English composition
At or above the 200 level
1 course in Literature

Social Studies:
1 course in U.S. History
1 course in Economics, Geography
Or Government 

Checkpoint 1: Passage of Praxis CORE exam
G.P.A.  at or above 2.5 

Education Courses with the first four blocks

EDUC-S 508 - Classroom Management
EDUC-P 510 - Psychology in Teaching

EDUC-S 516 - Science
EDUC-E 541 - Math

EDUC-K 505 - Introduction to Special Education
EDUC-E 545 - Reading
EDUC- Physical Education
EDUC- Music

EDUC-E 547 - Social Studies
EDUC-E 549 - Language Arts - Literature and Writing emphasis  

Checkpoint #2:  Admission to Student Teaching
G.P.A. at or above 3.0
Passage of Indiana CORE exams

Student Teaching Block
EDUC-M 550 - Student Teaching
EDUC-T 550 - Culture/Community Forces & Schools 

Checkpoint 3:
G.P.A. at or above 3.0
No unresolved dispositional deficiencies
Completion of all UTEP classes



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