School of Education

M.S. in Education

Major Requirements
Master of Science in Education with Major in Elementary or Secondary Education

Course Requirements

  • EDUC A510 School/Community Relations (3 cr.)
  • EDUC A512 Curriculum for K-12 Educational Leaders (3 cr.)
  • EDUC A530 Statistical Data for Educational Leaders (3 cr.)
  • EDUC H637 Race, Class, and Gender Issues in Education (3 cr.)
  • EDUC J511 Methods of Individualizing Instruction (3 cr.)
  • EDUC P570 Managing Classroom Behavior (3 cr.)
  • EDUC R503 Application of Instructional Media and Technology (3 cr.)
  • EDUC Y520 Strategies for Educational Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • EDUC W505 Masters Portfolio Preparation (3 cr.)
  • Two advisor-approved electives (3 cr.)

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