School of Education

B.S. in Education

Elementary/Special Education
Teacher Education Requirements

Professional Education

Teacher Education Program (TEP) (48 cr.)

The required education courses are sequenced into five blocks that must be completed in order. Each of these courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher before a student can continue in the program. The professional education courses listed as follows may be taken only after admission into the Teacher Education Program (TEP).

Candidates may begin the Teacher Education Program only when they have completed the requirements listed earlier in this bulletin.

First Block (12 cr.)
  • EDUC M310 General Methods
  • EDUC K343 Education of the Socially and Emotionally Disturbed I
  • EDUC E339 Methods of Teaching Language Arts
  • EDUC M311 Creating Learning Environments
Second Block (12 cr.)
  • EDUC K370 Itnroduction to Learning Disabilities
  • EDUC E340 Methods of Teaching Reading I
  • EDUC E325 Social Studies in the Elementary Schools
  • EDUC M301 Field Experiences
Third Block (12 cr.)
  • EDUC E341 Methods of Teaching Reading II
  • EDUC K344 Education of the Socially and Emotionally Disturbed II
  • EDUC K362 Education of Children with Learning Problems
  • EDUC K495 Practicum in Special Education
Fourth Block (12 cr.)
  • EDUC E328 Science in the Elementary Schools
  • EDUC E343 Mathematics in the Elementary Schools
  • EDUC P345 Academic and Behavioral Assessment of the Mild Handicapped Child
  • EDUC M304 Field Experiences

(Checkpoint #2)

Fifth Block (15 cr.)

  • EDUC M425 Student Teaching: Elementary
  • EDUC K480 Student Teaching: Special Education
  • EDUC W310 Integrating Technology K-12

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