College of Arts and Sciences


Bachelor of Science
Minors (Optional)

A minor shall consist of at least 15 credit hours with a grade of C- or higher and a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in the minor field. (A minimum of 2 courses totaling at least 6 credit hours must be taken while in residence at IU Northwest.) Up to three courses (9 cr. max) taken to satisfy the major (Group Va) may be used to satisfy requirements for the minor. 

Students may pursue a minor in a different discipline than their major. For instance, a French major may pursue a sociology minor, but a Chemistry major cannot pursue a Chemistry minor.

Students may have more than one minor. Students' major(s) and minor(s) may be listed on their transcripts. Students must advise the recorder in the College of Arts and Sciences of the minor(s) and receive advisement from the minor department.

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