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Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree programs provide students with a broadly based education. The BA requires fewer credits that are directly linked to a particular major. Instead, students complete courses across a wide range of disciplines.This provides a great deal of flexibility to customize their education to reach their individual goals and interests. The BA programs help students develop strong written and verbal communication skills, reasoning skills, the ability to solve complex problems, to work well with others, and to adapt to a changing workplace. Students learn how to think independently, how to make sound judgments, how to discover new perspectives, and acquire the tools to defend your point of view. These are the most valuable skills of an educated person in the 21st Century.

Specific Requirements

In addition to the general requirements for all degrees in the university, candidates for the B.A. degree must complete Groups I-V of the distribution requirements. Students may elect to follow the requirements currently in effect or the requirements that were in effect when they matriculated.

Classes may be attributed towards satisfying all designated requirements across Groups I, II, III, IV,V and the minor. For instance, a student may complete a designated mathematics course and use that to satisfy a requirement within Group I, within Group IIIA, within Group V or within the minor. No more than 9 credit hours within a single discipline will be counted across Groups I, II, III, and IV, and the minor.

The list of disciplines and courses designated for each requirement group may be found in Appendix I in the Bulletin and can be searched through the Matrix App at

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