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Sociology and Anthropology
Major in Anthropology

Indiana University Northwest offers a joint B.A. Major in Anthropology in conjunction with Indiana University South Bend. The required classes are taught at both schools, so students can complete entirely at either campus. There is no requirement that students must take classes at both schools. At the same time, the faculty of each campus do have different specializations and offer different elective courses. Additionally the required classes may be offered in different semesters at the campuses. Students are free to take classes at both schools and apply them to the major.

Requirements - Majors (33 cr.)

  • ANTH A104 (3 cr.)
  • ANTH A105 (3 cr.)
  • E200 Cultural Anthro II (3 cr.)
  • Choose two of these:
    • ANTH B300 Bioanthropology (3 cr.)
    • ANTH L300 Language and Culture (3 cr.)
    • ANTH P200 Archaeology (3 cr.)
  • Select 1 of the following Research Methods Courses
    • SOC S262 
    • SOC S250 (3 cr.)
  • ANTH A360 capstone requirement (3 cr.)
  • Select 1 400-level Seminar Experience course such as
    • ANTH E400 (3 cr.)
    • ANTH E445 (3 cr.)
    • ANTH B400 (3 cr.)
    • ANTH B466 (3 cr.)
    • Or others to be offered
  • Select any 3 elective courses in Anthropology (9 cr.)
  • Any course can fulfill only one of the requirements listed above
  • 15 credit hours of the courses taken in the major must be at the 300 level

Total (33 cr.)

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