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Minority Studies
Chicano Riqueno Studies Courses
  • CHRI-C 101 Introduction to Latino Studies (3 cr.) An introduction to the most important themes of the Chicano and Puerto Rican experiences from the disciplinary perspectives of arts, education, folklore, history, literature, music, political science, and sociology. Pre-Columbian to World War II. (Fall, Summer I)
  • CHRI-C 151 Minority People in the United States (3 cr.) A study of the cultural experiences of minority people in the United States. Focus will be on African Americans and Latinos. Other minority groups will be studied where appropriate. The course will be interdisciplinary in nature with a heavy emphasis on the analysis of original texts. Credit may not be earned for both AFRO-A 151 and CHRI-C 151. (Spring)
  • CHRI-C 213 Politics of Chicano Cultural Identity (3 cr.) Following the conclusion of World War II, a relatively distinct Chicano racial/cultural identity emerges in communities throughout the Southwest and major urban areas of the Midwest. This course examines the relationship between this cultural identity and the Chicano social movement politics of the 1960s and early 1970s. (Spring)
  • CHRI-C 290 Topics in Latino Studies (3 cr.) P: consent of the instructor Analysis of selected topics and contemporary issues related to the Chicano and Puerto Rican experiences in the United States. Topics will be chosen by the instructor and vary from semester to semester. May be repeated once with a different topic. (Fall, Spring)
  • CHRI-C 301 History of Puerto Rico (3 cr.) Colonization by Spain; international development; Spanish-American War; occupation by United States; economic, social and political development; migration to the mainland; debate on independence, autonomy, and statehood. Cross-listed with HIST-F 301. (Occasionally)
  • CHRI-C 351 Latino Culture and Society (3 cr.) P: sophomore standing or consent of instructor This course will be a survey of Latino culture and society in the United States. There will be an emphasis on how Latinos have used forms of cultural expression to interpret their experience in this country. (Occasionally)
  • CHRI-C 352 History of Latinos in the United States (3 cr.) Latino experience in the United States; economic and social factors of the Latino role in a non-Latino nation. Cross-listed with HIST-A 352. (Fall)
  • CHRI-C 444 History of Mexico (3 cr.) Brief survey of the colonial period and independence movement. Ideological conflicts within Republic. Revolution of 1910. Relationship with United States from Mexican viewpoint. Cross-listed with HIST-F 444. (Occasionally)
  • CHRI-C 446 Mexican and Puerto Rican Immigration and Migration (3 cr.) Study of the migration of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans to the United States. Emphasis will be on push-pull factors of migration; the incorporation of both groups into the American socioeconomic structure; the role of federal legislation in patterns of migration; and the special plight of undocumented workers. (Occasionally)
  • CHRI-C 490 Topics in Latino Studies (3 cr.) Extensive analysis of selected topics and contemporary issues relating to the Chicano and Puerto Rican experiences in the United States. Topics vary from semester to semester. May be repeated once with a different topic. (Fall, Spring)
  • CHRI-C 495 Individual Readings in Latino Studies (1-3 cr.) P: Consent of instructor. Intensive study of a specific problem in Chicano-Riqueo studies. May be repeated once for credit. (Fall, Spring).

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