College of Arts and Sciences


Mathematics and Actuarial Science
  • Iztok Hozo, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics and Chairperson
  • Jon Becker, M.S., Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
  • Yuanying Guan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Vesna Kilibarda, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics
  • Stela Pudar-Hozo, M.A. Equivalency, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Director of Introductory Mathematics
  • Daniele Rosso, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics
  • Axel Schulze-Halberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Xiaofeng Wang, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Henry L. Wyzinski, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics

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