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Modern Languages, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics
Comparative Literature Courses
  • CMLT-C 190 An Introduction to Film (3 cr.) Nature of film technique and film language; analysis of specific films and introduction to major critical approaches in film studies. (Occasionally)
  • CMLT-C 253 Third World and Black American Films (3 cr.) Black American films, both within the Hollywood "mainstream" and from the more independent producers; films from Africa, India, and Latin America. Discussion and analysis of the individual films as well as their cultural backgrounds. (Occasionally)
  • CMLT-C 261 Introduction to African Literature (3 cr.) Oral and written poetry, epic, fiction, and drama from around the continent used to illustrate varied aspects of African life, aesthetic issues, and theoretical debates. (Every other year)
  • CMLT-C 340 Women in World Literature (3 cr.) R: 3 credits in literature. Comparison of attitudes toward women in works of different ages and societies. Study of stereotyped images in relation to literary and social conventions. Focus on one genre or mode each time course is offered (e.g., women in drama, in narrative, in satire). (Occasionally)
  • CMLT-C 460 Origins of African Literature (3 cr.) The roots of Francophone African literature in the Antilles. Haitian literature (Price-Mars, Cesaire, Depestre). The Paris movement of Negritude (Senghor, Damas, Cesaire). Contribution of Afro-American writers (Hughes, McKay, Toomer). African poetry (Senghor, D. Diop, Dadie) and novels (Camara Laye, Beti, Oyono). All readings in English translations. (Occasionally)

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