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History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religious Studies
Political Science
Major in Political Science Pre-Law Track - B.A.

In addition to meeting the College of Arts and Sciences' requirements for all B.A. degrees, political science pre-law track majors must take 33 credit hours, as outlined below.
Core courses (12 cr.)

• POLS Y103 Introduction to American Government
• POLS Y304 Constitutlonal Law
• POLS Y395 Quantitative Political Analysis
• POLS Y490Senior Seminar (as an Independent Study)

American Institutions and processes (6 cr.)

• POLS Y318 The American Presidency
• POLS Y319 U.S. Congress

International relations and comparative politics (6 cr.)

• POLS Y360 U.S. Foreign Policy
• POLS Y372 lnternatlonal Relations

Political theory and philosophy (9 cr.)

• POLS Y381 Classical Political Philosophy
• POLS Y382 Modern Political Philosophy
• POLS Y384 Development of American Political Thought II

Addltional Requirements - Group VB:

Phil P150 Elementary Logic (counts toward Group Ill C)

Recommended: In addition to meeting department and general requirements, the political science department strongly suggests that political science pre-law track majors take supporting courses In economics and history, especially American history.

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