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History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religious Studies
Minor in Medical Humanities

The cross-disciplinary minor in Medical Humanities provides an introduction to the social, historical, cultural, and ethical contexts of medicine to understand its shifting role and changing definitions.  This minor introduces students to the cultural history of the medical profession, the variant perspectives of patients, the role that systems and states have played in the development and practice of medicine, and the representations of medicine in art.  It is ideal for medical professionals seeking to expand their understanding of the values of their field and improve their interactions with patients.  

Core courses (6 credit hours)

MHHS M301 Perspectives on Health, Disease and Healing
The course utilizes the humanities and social science disciplines to provide students with a broader understanding of the many facets of health and disease, suffering and dying, as well as the art and science of healing. **Click course title for sample syllabus**

MHHS M495 Independent Project/ Seminar in MHHS  (Capstone)
This capstone seminar or project allows students to apply knowledge gained from course work taken in the program by developing a research or applied project related to the interests of the MHHS faculty. 

Elective courses (9 credit hours)

HIST H303 History of Disability 
PHIL P393 Biomedical Ethics
ENG L201 Special Studies in Literature 
SOC S431 Disability, Stigma, and Society
FINA A346 Art and the Culture Wars
BIOL L300 Social Implications of Biology
SPEA H342 Community Health Education
SPEA H416 Environmental Health Policy
SPEA H455 Topics in Public Health 

15 credit hours total

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