College of Arts and Sciences


History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religious Studies
Major in History


  • HIST-H 105 (3 cr.)
  • HIST-H 106 (3 cr.)
  • HIST-H 113 (3 cr.)
  • HIST-H 114 (3 cr.)
  • HIST-H 215 Proseminar in History, taken before the capstone course
  • History courses numbered 200-499 (18 cr.), including
    • 2 courses in United States history [HIST A] (6 cr.)
    • 2 courses in European history (from the Middle Ages to the present) [HIST B]  (6 cr.)
    • 2 courses in other areas or topics in history (e.g., ancient, non-European, non-U.S.) [HIST C,D,F,G, or T] (6 cr.)
  • HIST-J 495 Proseminar in History to fulfill capstone requirement
  • The Department of History accepts any Latino studies courses with history designations toward the B.A. in history. Additionally, we will accept one CHRI number taken by students toward an A.A. in Latino studies and apply it to the B.A. in history toward completion of the required 24 credits of history courses at the 200 level and above.

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