College of Arts and Sciences


Major in Geology - B.A.


Majors complete at least 27 credit hours in geology, 15 credit hours in the allied disciplines and a minimum of 36 credit hours in courses at the 300-400 level.

1. Any one of the following 100-level courses AND GEOL G102 laboratory:

    * GEOL-G101 Introduction to Earth Science (3 cr.) AND GEOL-G102 Intro. to Earth Science Lab (1 cr.)
    * GEOL-G107 Environmental Geology (3cr.) AND GEOL-G102 Intro. to Earth Science Lab (1cr)

GEOL-G209 History of the Earth (4 cr.)
GEOL-G221 Introductory Mineralogy (4 cr.)
GEOL-G222 Introduction to Petrology (4 cr.)
GEOL-G317 Field and Laboratory Techniques (4 cr.)
GEOL-G334 Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy (4 cr.)

2. Any two 300- or 400-level lecture-based geology courses.

(The following GEOL (geology) courses fulfill the College of Arts & Sciences capstone requirement for the B.A. in Geology:  GEOL-G323, GEOL-G406, GEOL-G413, GEOL-G415, GEOL-G435, GEOL-G451, GEOL-G476, GEOL-G490)

3. Allied Sciences (15 cr.):  Students must complete one of the following sequences:

    * CHEM C105-CHEM C125 and 10 additional credit hours of chemistry, mathematics, or physics


    * Two semesters of College-level chemistry with corresponding laboratories and an additional 5 credit hours of mathematics (mathematics courses must be at or above the 100 level; MATH M100 and T-courses are excluded), or physics.

4.  Students must also complete the general requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences. Including a minimum of 36 credit hours in courses at the 300-400 (junior-senior) level.

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